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What’s in this video?

The video entails a thought of how important it is to ensure the quality of products that a company delivers to its consumers. People are shown working in their respective stations. These are images that you usually see in the production process and these processes play the integral parts of the economic activities that directly and indirectly satisfy human needs.  A series in the production process that affects the quantity and quality of the product output. The gist of the video stipulates the significant role of production in the distribution process. Production affects distribution. Which simply means that efficient production needs efficient distribution system, and vice versa.

Creative Concept

This video provides a valuable information about the relationship between the production system and the distribution process. Each one has its role but the video shows a significant message that implies efficiency. This will work powerfully for companies that involve production of goods and providing marketing services. They can also use this as an advertising campaign that there is a need for an efficient production system and as a marketing campaign to show how things are properly performed in this particular environment. The message can easily be digested by anyone since it has a very simple and direct approach. The viewer’s thought can easily be sway by its simplicity and undemanding way.

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Suited for:

Suited for companies that provide goods and services. A company that involves high-production and provides a wide range of consumers.

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