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What’s in this video?

This video shows that physical infrastructure plays a vital role in the distribution process of goods that need be delivered to the consumer. It shows the constant flow of economic progress while revealing a conceptual perspective about how transport system create an impact to an economy. It illustrates how transportation provides market accessibility by linking producers and consumers so that transactions can take place.

Creative Concept

Mobility is one of the most fundamental and important characteristics of economic activity as it satisfies the basic need of going from one location to the other. This video conveys a message to the audience that economies that possess greater mobility are often those with better opportunities to develop than those with scarce mobility. It is very true that transportation is an economic factor of production of goods and services. This will work effectively for marketing intermediaries who want to promote their product and initiate movements and results within and outside their organization. This will be a compelling medium to convince audiences that efficient transportation and distribution innovations will help propel economic progress.

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This video is suitable as an advertising campaign for production companies, market intermediaries, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

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