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What’s in this video?

This video shows a simplified image of “cause and effect” in the economic flow and the varying nature of legal systems and culture that continuously affect domestic and international businesses. You will see the major conditions that surrounds the economic environment; from people’s activities, large edifice, use of industrial technologies, urbanization and the stock market’s movement. All of these have something to do with progress and development and that it is significantly shown on this short video.

Creative Concept

All the elements in the video points out to one thing, “PROGRESS”. To the business-minded individual’s perception, progress means “Profit”. The whole idea is to disseminate a message that in a perfect and reliable business environment, the only way to go is up. To develop and earn.  This marketing strategy is very effective because it will simply bring people who wants to invest. The dissemination of the right information to this people using the internet will hasten and intensify its effectivity. The more people will know, the more it will be convincing and powerful.

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Suited for:

For business-minded individuals who are always connected to the social media. More time on the internet means more audiences. This powerful tool will create a “snowball effect” for your advertisement.

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