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  • 00:32 Popular Restaurant 2

    Restaurant 2

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    What’s in this video? A fast paced video of diners in a Chinese restaurant. A night setting in NY with busy chefs at work and people moving in a street market setting. Creative Concept An exciting video of people enjoying food and the hard work behi

  • 00:31 Popular Shopping2 4 1

    Shopping2 4 1

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    What’s in this video? An outdoor scene with people walking outside a mall, as well as indoor and outdoor visions of visitors to the mall are shown on this video. Creative Concept A fun video of the energy of retail shopping and what it means to peop

  • 00:31 Popular Shopping1 3

    Shopping1 3

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    What’s in this video? Numerous scenes of malls and seas of people flowing through them. Scenes in the day and night capture the energy Creative Concept This video captures the non stop flow of people who enjoy malls for shopping, getting together an

  • 00:34 Popular Realestate 3

    Realestate 3

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    What’s in this video? A drive through the suburbs and views of real estate possibilities to choose from makes the possible choices exciting to a buyer, whilst a seller is looking for an appropriate person or family to sell to. Creative Concept Scene

  • 00:36 Popular Shopping1 4

    Shopping1 4

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    What’s in this video? An interesting concept of a trolley filled with a screen on which the video ad displays its visual. There are various scenes of malls and shopping, as well as crowds of people journeying through it for leisure ad retail therapy

  • 00:31 Popular Shopping2 5 1

    Shopping2 5 1

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    What’s in this video? A ride through a shopping outlet in a trolley as it mazes through the aisles. There is also a night scene on a busy street with neon signs and a pan across inside a retail outlet, as well as people walking to and from a mall. C

  • 00:38 Popular Realestate3 1

    Realestate3 1

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    What’s in this video? A mansion in the hills and then a fly over a landscape to display a beautiful setting to let viewers imagine a place they might be like to call home. There is a range of beautiful homes displayed in this 30 second video. Creati

  • 00:33 Popular Shopping1 5

    Shopping1 5

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    What’s in this video? There video is a multi screen video with various scenes of malls. A banner going across the centre of the screen displays the advertised business name and its’ slogan. This video is colorful and also displays an original

  • 00:35 Popular Restaurant 4

    Restaurant 4

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    What’s in this video? An outdoor café setting in a town, whilst the next scene is a sea side setting with a magnificient view, and the final scene is outside a Chinese restaurant. Creative Concept A black and white video for an interesting co

  • 00:31 Popular Realestate2 1

    Realestate2 1

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    What’s in this video? A woman strolls through the garden from her home and a ride through a waterway as we view some amazing waterfront properties. There is also a range of mansions on view and a drive through a suburb. Creative Concept This video i

  • 00:36 Popular Shopping2 1 1

    Shopping2 1 1

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    What’s in this video? A night scene on a busy street starts at the introduction of this video. There is a yellow tinge through out the video as a means of softening the colors. There is a vision of people meeting in a centre of an indoor open space

  • 00:31 Popular Shopping1 2

    Shopping1 2

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    What’s in this video? A journey through a retail store in a trolley. The fast past video is energetic and moves to the outside of a mall. A number of scenes though various shopping outlets and also an outdoor bazaar are viewed in this video. Creativ

  • 00:38 Popular Restaurant 5

    Restaurant 5

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    What’s in this video? A bar scene filled with patrons, and an outdoor setting with people enjoying the sun and a great view. There is a scene of a Chinese restaurant and a multi shot scene of food preparation. There is also a bar tender busy with pa

  • 00:35 Popular Restaurant 1

    Restaurant 1

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    What’s in this video? A pan across a busy bar, with people socializing with one another, whilst a customer sits down to enjoy a meal with a glass of white wine. There is a nice outdoor setting with people dining out as a waiter tends to their needs

  • 00:34 Popular Shopping2 2 1

    Shopping2 2 1

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    What’s in this video? An entrance to a mall with many people going in and out of it. There is also another scene with people inside the mall as they travel up and down escalators whilst other people move around on the various floors of the multi sto

  • 00:37 Popular Realestate 2

    Realestate 2

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    What’s in this video? A woman walks through a garden, while there is a sweeping view of a peaceful porch in front of a house. There are also scenes of the suburbs from on the road and the sky. Creative Concept This video is to gather thoughts of sub

  • 00:34 Popular Shopping1 1

    Shopping1 1

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    What’s in this video? A man travels down an escalator, whilst a busy shopping centre has people commuting between floors. A night scene of a busy street full of shops and traffic and a couple of scenes of busy malls with people in the cross roads as

  • 00:31 Popular Shopping2 3 1

    Shopping2 3 1

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    What’s in this video? A maze of shopping floors with a traffic of people travelling through it. A ride in a shopping trolley through the aisles of a retail floor with a variety of products as well as a scene with hordes of people commuting through t

  • 00:32 Popular Restaurant 3

    Restaurant 3

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    What’s in this video? An interesting pour of a cola in to a clear glass, as it bubbles and fizzes up. A pouring of a coffee through a machine as the steam evaporates from the coffee cup. A burger on a grill getting flamed by a dash of oil. Creative

  • 00:32 Popular Realestate 1

    Realestate 1

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    What’s in this video? A fly over a housing estate is seen in this video. There is also a drive through a suburb and a range of mansions in plush green neighbourhoods. Creative Concept A video with a choice of real estate options and possibilities. A