Why Am I Using This Service?


Why Am I Using This Service?

What do I do to select the type of promotional video I want for myself?  How Do I Get An Online Video For My Business?   And Then How Do I Use It To Promote Myself? And Other Questions!
Select the video you would like us to customize for you by selecting the 'Create Similar Video' button under your chosen video.

You will see this message; "The ordered item will be a composite of the selected item with your company details and will be included in to the video in a non negotiable outcome. It will be similar and not entirely the same as what is displayed in the sample."

Click 'OK'

Fill out the Order Video form. Ensure all required details are filled out.
This will take you to the PayPal site for payment.   Once the payment is successful, you will see "Thank you for your payment! You have ordered the video successfully, Purchase details and confirmation is sent to your email address. Please keep the email for future reference."  The rest is up to TuberADS to deliver a video advertisement as per your requirements.



 Once you have a delivered video, your intention would be to use it to prompte your business.  This video is created with a number if methods of promotion in mind.  First and foremost is to have this video in pre-roll format in a YouTube / Adwords campaign. 
 All you need to do is go to the Google and type in 'Adwords' in the search field.  Then look for the Google Adwords link to get started.  This process will require you to set up a Gmail account for which you can sign in to Adwords in future.  Once this registration is done, then you can log in to AdWords and look for the 'All Video Campaigns' link on the left hand side column.  This will display a '+ Campign' button.  You can folow the prompt to name the campaign, set your budget and then get in to the nitty gritty of setting your keywords and fine tuning where you want your video ads to display.  If you need assistance please contact Google Help at 1800-287-850 Monday - Friday: 9 am- 6 pm AEST.

 The ordered video can also be added in to social media pages for promotion and also exposure about your business.

 The delivered video order will also include a MP4 file and Embed code.  The MP4 file can be used for any DVD inclusion or any other purpose for presentations such as presentations highlights.

The embed code can be used to add to your website or any other websites which acomodate this to promote your business.

 If there are any further questions, then please email contact@tuberads.com, and we would be happy to assist you.