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    What’s in this video? A mansion in the hills and then a fly over a landscape to display a beautiful setting to let viewers imagine a place they might be like to call home. There is a range of beautiful homes displayed in this 30 second video. Creati

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    What’s in this video? A woman strolls through the garden from her home and a ride through a waterway as we view some amazing waterfront properties. There is also a range of mansions on view and a drive through a suburb. Creative Concept This video i

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    What’s in this video? A fly over a housing estate is seen in this video. There is also a drive through a suburb and a range of mansions in plush green neighbourhoods. Creative Concept A video with a choice of real estate options and possibilities. A

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    What’s in this video? A woman walks through a garden, while there is a sweeping view of a peaceful porch in front of a house. There are also scenes of the suburbs from on the road and the sky. Creative Concept This video is to gather thoughts of sub

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    What’s in this video? A drive through the suburbs and views of real estate possibilities to choose from makes the possible choices exciting to a buyer, whilst a seller is looking for an appropriate person or family to sell to. Creative Concept Scene

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    What’s in this video? There is a use of a lot of black space in this video. There are multiple scenes at one time to provide the viewer an interesting visual to observe without taking away from the focus of the message of the video ad displaying the

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    What’s in this video? A view of a range of amazing houses and a different layout of scenes from the air or by car or from a stand still position. Creative Concept A sweeping range of houses in suburbia, giving the possible options for people looking

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    What’s in this video? A motion captured day of a landscape of housing. A range of peaceful neighborhoods is displayed in this video. Creative Concept The yellow tint in this video gives it a warm feel. Having a video presence is crucial in today&rs