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    Pets 5

    What’s in this video? Multiplle images of dogs. Playing and having fun whether by the self or with a companion. Creative Concept A multiple image video which demonstrate the busy lives of pets and what they do to keep their human counterparts happy.

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    Pets 1

    What’s in this video? The video starts with a couple of dogs at play, and then goes on to show a number of other animals such as a cat and the affectionate dog with his owner as well as a couple of other animals Creative Concept Bringing together of

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    Pets 3

    What’s in this video? A dog gazes out whilst the next secene is a cat taking a stroll, and finally a pet dog being hugged by its owner. Creative Concept Bringing together vision of animals that surround us, and add so much value to our lives. The co

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    Pets 11

    What’s in this video? A couple of dogs frolic in the water. A few more visions of man’s best friends. There is a cat in this video as well as a bird . Creative Concept The idea of having the joy of our animal friends to enhance our lives is an

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    Pets 4

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    Pets 2

    What’s in this video? There are dogs at play in the water. There is also people with their pets having fun. Creative Concept To envelope the joys of having our furry pet friends in our lives and how they enhance our well being. As business embraces

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    Pets 7

    What’s in this video? A cat takes a stroll, and visions of a cople of dogs at play. A rabbit chews on some food. Creative Concept A show of everyday pets that are there as our companions. Having a video presence is crucial in today’s marketing

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    Pets 6

    What’s in this video? A scrap book approach of various animals at play. Each page turns and another video of an animal is shown. Creative Concept An effective way of showing various animals that surround us in and around our homes. Your presence onl

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    Pets 8

    What’s in this video? An interesting use of vision as multiple blocks of dogs and a rabbit. The vision is attractive and eye catching. Creative Concept A contemporary design in video. The use of black space also highlights the vision on the screen a

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    pets 10

    What’s in this video? Split window vision of dogs displayed in black and white. Creative Concept A display in black and white is used to give this video ad added impact in the message it is delivering. You are embracing the new form of the banner ad

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    Pets 9

    What’s in this video? Images of dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs reflect the normal pets people generally own. Creative Concept The message is straight forward about having pets who spend time and enhance our lives. As business embraces social