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    Distribution 4

    What’s in this video?This video shows that physical infrastructure plays a vital role in the distribution process of goods that need be delivered to the consumer. It shows the constant flow of economic progress while revealing a conceptual perspecti

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    Distribution 3

    What’s in this video?This video presents the importance of human resources in any economic activity. It shows that people are an active factor responsible for the rapid growth of any economy. It delivers a notion that the utilization of human resour

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    Distribution 2

    What’s in this video?The video entails a thought of how important it is to ensure the quality of products that a company delivers to its consumers. People are shown working in their respective stations. These are images that you usually see in the p

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    Distribution 1

    What’s in this video?In this video, an image of continuous flow of supply is emphasized. From producing goods to delivering the output among consumers. The importance of a good transport system in delivering the products to the market is also shown.