The Vision Of Tomorrow Is Already Here

It has only been a relatively recent phenomenon with the birth of Google, and the emergence of smart technologies which have diverted our attentions to moving away from the old way of doing things and moving to the new. Google’s power and intelligence acts as a method to even detect possible terrorist plots and keyword search algorithms that can understand people who use it.

People use Amazon or Ebay, and next thing these searches are extracted and appear in Facebook pages in the instance you seek to make those purchases whilst off the original pages.

Targeted advertising has been here for sometime and the ease of which barriers of entry in filling out forms is now in the past. People want things now with low stress. Technology is now studying the consumer than ever before as people volunteer information about themselves in order to have a better experience online. As we have smart technology becoming better day by day. YouTube Ads and other website video productions such as web infomercials are more prominent than ever to push products and services to consumers.

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Technology is becoming a well known ally to businesses with it being developed to get their products and services closer to the consumer, and giving the consumer the confidence to make a purchase with minimal fuss. A one sign in window with PayPal or other possible payments methods with pre determined credentials. The convenience of a one fits all sign in using something like Facebook, is that you are trading certain parts of information which expand the intelligence on your persona by technology. Though it appears as a Big Brother environment, it is always important to use technology wisely to avoid the possible evils of it. With regard to consumerism, this type of information is more to enhance your online experience rather than oversee your online activities. This approach can be argued, however the opinions in this article suggests the more positive perspective on online information gathering.

Take fitness device, Fitbit, or even an ipod’s fitness application. The purpose of these devices is to track your fitness and put it to the cloud for further analysis. The aim of the tracking is to give the user a first hand look at how they are improving or enhancing their lives through exercise.

Next time, have a look at your mobile phone and see what you are holding compared to a model from several years ago. You will notice immense difference and capabilities never previously experienced. Take for example biometric logons such as retina and fingerprint recognition. This information about the user is stored somewhere.

The future is exciting with new apps and services to come, but most of all it is important to using technology responsibly as you don’t know what profile habits on the internet might rise to the surface.



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