How To Create An Adwords Video Campaign

Create An AdWords Video Campaign

How To Create An AdWords Video Campaign

We thought it was best after reviewing one of our previous articles, 'How To Take Advantage of Video Ads In Your Digital Marketing' to create an article with the instructions which were listed in this previous article to have it's own page.  So here it is with its' own spotliight!

Video Ads are a relatively new phenomenon.  As the internet world becomes more accessible and faster through use and technology there are also heavier demands from a marketing perspective on getting the word out to attract customer to businesses and other causes.

There are a number of Online ad agencies out there like TuberADS.  The evolution from text ads very much what you find in Google, Bing, Yahoo and LinkedIn is now seeing an emergence of the next step in advertising.  Online Video Ads.

TuberADS provides an entry level video ad for small businesses who have a tighter budget but still need a vehicle to use as their visual in visual digital marketing.  Those who have a larger budget may prefer to hire a team to create a video for the with specific requirements in their visual to use in their online video, however as many small businesses this budget for such purposes is not always necessarily available.  TuberADS provide this to businesses to get a start.
Once you order a video ad, the next question is what you can use it for.  No point ordering an online ad and then not knowing what you can actually use it for.
There are a number of avenues.  TuberADS provides a number of options including a MP4 file to be used for anything including adding it to DVD promotional material or any other purpose you would like to use this for that you see fit.  TuberADS also provides the embed code for you to use in social media and your own website to have as a promotion or teaser about your business.  Finally the YouTube link which is heavily utilised for online advertising such as on Google AdWords video campaigns and Facebook Ads.
Google Online Video Campaigns are very easy to set up.  The first place to start is to register for a Gmail account which will be useful for setting up your account.  Once this is done and activated, just go to the Google homepage and then scroll to the bottom ad select ‘Business’ link.  From there you look at the list of choices at the bottom of the next page and select ‘AdWords.’
Select the GREEN ‘Campaign’ button and select out of three options ‘Search and Display Networks’, ‘Search Network Only’, or ‘Search Network Only’.
Follow the prompts to create a Campaign Name and also set a budget that meets your means.  Also select your video byselecting the GREEN ‘Select A Video’ button.  Use the YouTube link TuberADS provided you to select the video (use the VIDEO URL button).
Now you need to fill out a Headline and two fields of description.  Here you can brainstorm some effective copy write, and if you not sure, do an organic search on Google on what you may think people may search on to find you and look at ads similar to your business as a guideline.  Once done ensure the destination URL is to where you intend it to go (and make sure it is correct).  Test it to be sure.
On the next page select a Target Group Name and enter a ‘MAX COST PER VIEW’
Customize the TARGET PEOPLE WATCHING CONTENT to find potential customer who are looking for specific content.
SAVE Target Group
You’re DONE!!
Now you have to wait for the Google review of the campaign and then it will commence serving unless there is some issue.  If there is an issue they will let you know and you can either make the required amendment if you know what or call, email or chat with a Google Customer Service consultant by selecting the HELP button on the top right hand of the page.
Good luck and based on your budget you will see the increased number of clicks on to your video.  The purpose of this Ad is to provide exposure to your business and get potential customer on to your site.

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