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  • How Your Business Can Effectively Improve Customer Service to Increase Sales

    Improve Your Digital Presence via Customer Service

    How many of us have ever felt like we were hanging on the telephone talking to someone who clearly seemed like you were taking up their time with questions about a product or service, or even your own account.  Sometimes we all have to endure this form of service.  The main point is that you will tend to remember such a business by their bad service rather the outcome of what you were trying to achieve.  Often this is not the sort of reputation you ever want as a small business.

    Consider your customer your life line. Because they are!  Without the sales there is no business and all the lead up and advertising and promotions wouldn’t be able to save you.  Good customer service doesn’t take a lot of effort, however it is important that the experience for the customer remains consistent, and putting a customer service plan together for anyone who answers the telephone or in a customer facing role will set a standard and provide clarity to empower and employees.

    Answering the telephone should always be answered in the same manner by all employees.  It gives the customer the experience of consistency.  This is also the welcoming mat for your customer.  A greeting, a welcome and your name should all be in the Introduction.  For example; “Welcome to” or “Good Morning /Afternoon/Evening”, [Company Name], [Name of person who picked up the phone].  So something like
    “Good afternoon, welcome to Trident Services, Annie speaking”.

    To keep focus on whom you are talking to, it is important to listen attentively, and this includes recording and using their name during the conversation.  Using a person’s name three of four times during the conversation will also develop a connection and keep the caller attentive with what you are saying.  This is particularly important when you are trying to upgrade or sell to them.

    Ensure you take their contact details, including phone numbers and email address where applicable.

    Repeat the phone number back to them and wait for them to acknowledge that this is correct.

    Talk to them and recap what they had discussed, and advise of the action points.  For example, if they purchased or ordered anything, then advise what they had orders, and in what colour and size, and the price they had committed to purchase it for.  If there was an action point with you, then advise them a timeline by when you or a member of your team will get back to them.

    Keeping clear lines of communication with the customer will help them trust you and reassure them that you value them and their business.


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  • Top Trends in Online Video Marketing

    What’s in store for online video marketing this year?

    Here we rundown some of today’s hottest online video production trends that your business should incorporate to help improve your brand across all digital platforms.

    From using fun and entertaining music, to creating strong, emotional storytelling, we cover a variety of important areas in online video advertisements that are not only interesting and engaging, but also resonate among millions of viewers. Below are three of them.

    The Appeal of Female Empowerment Ads

    From Dove’s Real Beauty and Verizon’s Inspire Her Mind campaigns, to CoverGirl’s Girl Can and Pantene’s Shine Strong commercials, popular advertisements with women empowerment themes attract millions of viewers. Whether explaining equality and breaking down gender stereotypes, or embracing one’s true beauty and helping women take a stand, the trend of using online video advertisements that inspire and resonate with women is noticeably getting much hype, love and attention.

    The Impact of ‘Music+Brand’ Collaborations

    Remember Shakira’s two viral videos, Waka Waka and La La La for the 2010 and 2014 World Cup? Or Tom Ford and Justin Timberlake’s stylish collaboration for the video of Suit and Tie? We’re sure you’ve heard of the famous Wonderfilled Anthem for sandwich cookie, Oreo, by songwriter-instrumentalist, Adam Young of Owl City; and watched (for the nth time) the famous Pepsi commercial featuring Pink, Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Spanish heartthrob, Enrique Iglesias. These famous music video collaborations are on top of the list of the most shared video content in the Web. Because people love to listen to good music, the trend of using artists to create ‘trackverts’ (music videos co-released by an artist and a brand) is sure to attract millions of viewers, helping companies gain more attention for their business.

    The Power of ‘Story-monials’

    Using strong, emotional story telling or ‘story-monials’ is a powerful way to increase the sharing potential of your videos. Companies need to better tell their stories to create strong connection and trigger an emotional response amongst viewers, prompting them to share your stories across all digital platforms, from social networking sites and YouTube Ads to mobile devices and other offline communication channels. When audiences feel an emotional connection with your commercial, the more likely they will advocate for the brand behind the advertisement.

    Quality videos with fun, entertaining content, compelling stories and empowering messages help make your advertisement stand out from the crowded online space. These are just some of the many online video production trends that are in focus for digital marketing this year.

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  • 3 Smart Ways of Using YouTube to Boost Your Business

    Ever heard of Smosh, PewDiePie or The Fine Brothers? Who can forget Psy and his famous dance, the Gangnam Style!

    Thanks to YouTube, talented artists and budding musicians now have the perfect venue to showcase their skills and get their first big break.

    Apart from it being the most popular video-sharing platform, YouTube has evolved to become an important online marketing tool for advertisers and business owners. With its millions of viewers and subscribers, the advertising potential of YouTube is limitless. It provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to have easy access to millions of users and turn them into potential customers through effective online advertising video production.

    How can you use YouTube to improve your business? Below are three ways.





    Create a YouTube Channel to Build Your Brand Online

    Branding is crucial to a business. To make your business stand out from the sea of competitors, start building your brand by creating a YouTube ads channel. Then upload engaging, informative and creative video content that will introduce your business and the benefits of using your products or services. Also, make sure to add your logo and match your YouTube channel’s appearance to your company colours to make your business easily recognisable across YouTube and other social media platforms.

    Setup Your Account Details to Increase Online Visibility

    When setting up a YouTube account, make sure to include all the important details about your business, such as your name, address and phone number. Providing these relevant information will show your potential clients and customers that your company is legit. It will also improve your search results as Google ranks webpages with clear, concise and complete details higher than others.

    Use Links to Direct People to Your Site

    Make it easier for viewers to find your business by including a link and a call to action in the description field below your YouTube videos. Taking advantage of this function will ensure that your viewers can easily visit your website. Providing a URL link will also prevent your viewers from using the search engine and then end up clicking the website of your competitors.

    These are just three ways on how you can make use of YouTube to spark interest in your products or services, increase your online presence and build your brand.

    Have you tried online video production using YouTube? Share you experience with us in the comment box below.


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  • Video Advertising: A Powerful Channel to Promote Your Brand Online

    Video Advertising: A Powerful Channel to Promote Your Brand Online

    Why are people drawn to videos?

    The ‘Brain Lady’, Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D., a leading speaker and consultant to brands like Disney, Amazon and Walmart, has uncovered four psychological reasons why videos are compelling to customers.

      1. The Fusiform Facial area (FFA) makes us pay attention to faces. The FAA is a part of the human visual system that is used for face perception or recognition. This is the reason why viewing the speakers and interpreting the information based on their facial expressions is more enthralling than reading text.

      2. Voice conveys rich information. The sound of a human voice transforms words into meaningful messages and useful content.

      3. Emotions are contagious. The feelings or messages conveyed in a video can affect and influence viewers.

      4. Movement grabs attention. Human brains are wired to ensure that movements keep people engaged. Movements also express emotions, thereby stimulating the senses and promoting enjoyment among viewers.   

    So, how can you leverage these important details in your business? You can do so by using quality videos to increase your online presence, market your products or services and build your brand. With the Internet becoming the most powerful medium of communication, creative video advertising has the power to reach millions of customers and provide them with fast and easy access to information.

    What is video advertising?

    Video advertising is one of the most promising online campaign formats and one of the fastest-growing online marketing opportunities available today. Taking advantage of what online video production has to offer is a smart move to stay ahead of the competition.

    To further convince you how advertising video production increases your online presence and builds your brand, read some of its advantages below.

      • Increases traffic to websites


    Online video production is gaining strength as a valuable medium to drive website traffic. Well-presented videos, with quality content and keywords, rank well in search engines. When a video ad contains a link to your business’ website, there is a greater chance that the viewers will visit that site. YouTube, which is the third largest website in the world, has approximately 4 billion users per day. Imagine the traffic your website can gain by using YouTube ads.

      • Builds trust


    Videos are not only effective in capturing viewers’ interests, they also help businesses define products or services in better detail to viewers. By giving more accurate details, useful insights and updates, and reaching your clients, customers and associates on a more personal level, you build loyalty and trust between you and your viewers.

      • Offers real-time interaction


    Video ads on the Internet offer customers with a ‘one-click’ approach to buying products. Unlike TV ads, online advertising provides customers with real-time opportunity to purchase a product or use a service. Fun and informative video advertisements also encourage users to leave valuable feedback or comments to help enhance existing products and improve services. 

      • Creates brand recognition


    Social media has a huge influence on the online community. This is why businesses should make use of this powerful tool to gain recognition of their products or services. By getting your video ads circulating on the web through influential social networking sites like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook, you can aggressively promote your business online. You can also increase your online presence by spreading your company’s message with the help of powerful search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

    Build your brand and propel your business towards success with the use of a well-crafted video advertisement.

    Here at TuberADS, we can help kick start your first online video marketing campaign.

    For less than id="mce_marker"00 USD, we can provide quality custom-made online video advertisement for your business’ needs. Check out our range of online videos here.

    For inquiries and questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message through our contact form. We look forward to helping you promote your business online.





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