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  • Femvertising! Famous Video Ads that Empower Women

    2 Female Empowerment Ads that Break Gender Stereotypes

    Who says, ‘it’s a man’s world’?

    Unique. Beautiful. Strong. Smart. Today’s women are taking a more active and powerful role in advertisements. Gone are the days when advertisements were solely focussed on stories depicting women as damsels in distress waiting to be rescued by a knight in shining armour.

    With the resurgence of feminism and the increasing advocacy on gender equality, female-empowering campaigns are getting much love and attention globally and many companies are finally realising its power.

    These ‘femvertising’ or feminism-focussed video advertisements are designed to inspire, motivate and strike an emotional chord, sending powerful messages that really connect with audiences.

    From campaigns that focus on boosting women’s self-esteem like CoverGirl’s Girl Can and Dove’s Real Beauty, to stories aimed at breaking gender stereotypes, such as Verizon’s Inspire Her Mind and Always’ Like a Girl—these female-empowering ads resonate well with women and attract millions of viewers worldwide.

    Let’s take a good look at these famous video ads that focussed on encouraging women to break gender stereotypes.   

      • Brand: Always (Whisper)

    Campaign: Like a Girl — focuses on changing perceptions about women and rebuilding women’s confidence.

    The Story:
    'Show me what it means to run like a girl… throw like a girl… fight like a girl.’ Documentarian Lauren Greenfield asked a group of people, young and old, male and female, to act the phrases out ‘like a girl’. For many people, doing these activities involve flapping arms, jumping on tip-toes, worrying about their hair and pantomiming a catfight. Only the young girls defy the stereotype and demonstrated the acts in strong and powerful ways.

    After watching this video ad, you’ll be ready to take a stand and show that acting #LikeAGirl doesn’t have to be the ultimate insult but something that you can be very proud of.   

      • Brand: Verizon

        Campaign: Inspire Her Mind – aims to encourage women to believe in their own brilliance and break gender stereotypes by pursuing a career in male-dominated fields, such as science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

    The Story:

    The story shows a girl growing up wandering through nature, examining animals and plants, and building a rocket with her brother; but along the way she hears her parents saying things like: ‘Who’s my pretty girl?’, ‘Don’t get your dress dirty’ and ‘Be careful with that. Why don’t you hand that to your brother?’ These statements may be simple and subtle, but it made a lasting effect on the girl, discouraging her from taking on tasks that many people think are just for the boys.

    This thought-provoking online video production or advertising campaign, which reached 1.3 million views within a week of its release, highlights the impact of words on young girls. The ad also urges everyone to change everyday conversations because what we say can make a difference in shaping our children’s future.

    Verizon’s Inspire Her Mind and Always’ (Whisper’s) Like a Girl campaigns are just two of the most popular video ads with women empowerment themes that attract millions of viewers.

    Rejected or mocked by some for being too patronising, but applauded by many for their positive impact on women, these female empowerment adverts are proving to be an incredible force in the video advertising industry.

    Looking for an effective online video advertisement that resonates well with your consumers? Contact us at TuberAds. We are an online video production company that offers custom-made videos used for YouTube advertising and other social media platforms. Our top quality video ads will suit your business’ needs and requirements.



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  • How does business benefit with video advertising?

    Businesses have many options when it comes to advertising.  Some forms of advertising highly effective and others not so.  When a business decides to put together their marketing and advertising strategy, one thing should be clear, that they cannot escape the need to include digital advertising.  This is not a trend, but more so the now and future of keeping a business in touch with their customers.

    It is important to see what part of the worked you are in and what your target customer is.  If you are a small business in an area where internet usage is low and you are not seeking business from outside that type of community, then a digital strategy would most likely not be required at this time.

    A digital strategy can include any form of online promotions, such as display advertising such as banners, overlays, video, and advertorials.  An internet user can see this everywhere they click.  For example in YouTube just before or even during a featured video that they had selected, or on pop ups and banner advertising such as on news sites and further more on selected AdSense sites which Google has incorporated to advertise your business for a fee.

    There has been a rapid rise in businesses adopting the video ads to promote their business online.  The video ad gives a business a professional feel online regardless what your business is.  An online video production will enhance your online cred, and has been proven, will attract more viewers to you during their search.  Video also gives a business a higher ranking in the rankings.

    Looking at the top 3 most popular ranked websites, Google, YouTube and Facebook, web video production is accommodated.  In other words a video advertisement means a great way to attract more viewers.  Ultimately, the goal is to attract people to be your customers.

    Video advertising will become a business’ great ally in promoting businesses.


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  • 3 Effective Online Marketing Channels that Boost Your Business

       ‘Strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability and growth.’

    — Tom Cates

    Online channels create interaction, and interaction builds long-term relationships. This
    in turn creates customer trust and builds brand awareness and loyalty.

    With digital channels, businesses gain wider market exposure and improve their brand. In
    order to achieve effective marketing campaigns and success, it is pivotal then,
    for companies to make use of the following digital or online channels.

    The Web

    Through creative, informative and useful content published on the Web, you have the power to
    reach millions of people, or potential customers, and communicate your products
    or services to them. Through your company website, blog posts, news articles,
    forums and the like on this one online channel, you can build a stronger
    relationship with your consumers and make your business reliable. Thus, fostering
    customer loyalty and boosting your brand identity.

    Social Media Applications

     Thumb 1

     Using social media applications allows you to connect with your loyal customers and potential clients in real-time. By
    getting your message across using influential social networking sites (e.g. Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook),
    microblogging sites (e.g. Twitter and Tumblr) andcontent communities (e.g. DailyMotion and YouTube), you can increase your
    presence on the Web and expand your market coverage. For example, with the use of your YouTube advertising channel,
    you can upload videos to generate views, shares and likes across different social media platforms. This can help build
    awareness on your brand and help grow your business.

    Online Video Production

    Videos can add personality and bring life to your advertising campaigns.  With the use of this digital platform, you can
    provide useful insights and updates about your products and services in an informative and engaging way.
    By incorporating beautiful imagery, cool music and stunning visual effects into your advertising video production,
    you can make your campaigns interesting; hence, capturing your audience’s attention and building connections
    amongst your millions of viewers. Here in Australia, website video production companies like TuberAds can help
    you create a successful digital marketing campaign.

    Bottom Line

    Online channels like the Web, social media applications and videos can create interest, build connections and
    foster lasting relationships with millions of audiences. Thus, helping you create effective marketing campaigns as
    well as build a stronger brand identity to improve your business.

    What can you say about today’s online marketing channels? Which ones do you find most effective for your business?
    Tell us about it in the comments section below.







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  • 5 Creative Ways to Spark Interest in Your Videos

     What separates a great video from the others? It’s all about the FACE or the way you present it.

    Your videos should be appealing enough to spark interest among netizens. Make it as captivating as Helen of Troy, and we guarantee that you can launch a thousand ships, or in this case, ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ in the blogosphere.  To ensure this, here are five creative ways to make your advertising video production captivating and engaging to millions of viewers.


    Help and Inspire!

    Viewers are looking for inspiration, so give them that. Use engaging and heart-warming stories that will make your target audience dream, laugh and have fun. You can brainstorm with your creative team to come up with unpredictable ideas which will delight your audience. Also look into social media sites and read comments and suggestions from people and then use them to create how-to guides that will help them in their daily lives.

    Add Personality to Your Tutorials

    Add character to your tutorials. Start with a catchy greeting and don’t forget to introduce yourself. This will help you connect with viewers, giving them a feel that you want to make friends with them. Also, promote your business at the end. This is the perfect time to mention your tag line and business name, along with the details on how you can help your viewers find solutions to a problem.

    Talk to Your Audience

    Friendly and conversational video advertisements can capture attention and engage viewers. So create a video that looks and feels like a spontaneous conversation between friends. Talk directly to your audience as if you’re in a room with them. This creates a connection and builds better relationships; thus, helping you build your brand.

    Dazzle and Delight Them

    Capture your viewers’ attention by creating stories that are mesmerising, entertaining and emotionally rewarding; those that generate interest and leave viewers craving for more. Dazzle and delight your audience by making use of stunning imagery, cool animations and powerful voice overs.

    Go Along with the Trend

    Be the first to spread updates on important events. Create videos that focus on trends in various topics, such as in fashion, food, lifestyle or entertainment. Then upload these to your YouTube advertising channel or to your blogs and social networking sites. This way, you can potentially generate thousands of views, shares and likes, which can help increase traffic to your website.

    Have you tried any of these creative ideas yourself? We’re sure that you have other interesting ideas to promote your video posts. Share them with us here by leaving a comment below.

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  • 5 Strategies for Creating a Successful Online Video Marketing Campaign

    What’s the secret to a successful online video marketing campaign? It’s using quality videos that are not only useful and informative, but are also engaging to viewers. This does not only boost your business’ online presence, it also sparks traffic on your site.

    But how do you make yours stand out from a sea of competitors? Learn and make use of the following strategies to create a successful online video marketing campaign. 


      1. 1.       Think of a Catchy Title

     A video title, like the headline to a blog post, can help drive traffic to a website. Thus, creating a catchy title is important. Aside from capturing viewers’ attention, it also helps rank your website when you make use of the appropriate keywords in your title. Because YouTube is powered by Google, then keywords and phrases used in your titles are essential in getting your website found on search engines.


      1. 2.       Know the Basic Keyword Strategies

     To optimise YouTube advertising videos, make sure to add relevant keywords in their titles, descriptions and tags. You can also use your website’s pages as ‘maps’ to help search engines figure out what your content is all about. Instead of using search words, target specific search phrases. For instance, instead of using ‘ online advertisement’ as a keyword, use ‘effective online advertisement’ for a better chance of showing up on the front of search results. Learning all these basic keyword strategies will help increase traffic to your website.


      1. 3.       Provide Informative Content

     When creating online marketing campaigns, think about your ideal viewers. How can you help them? What can you offer that they’ll find useful and valuable? Knowing the answers to these questions is the key to attracting your target market. Also, avoid ‘salesy’ or ‘spammy’ content to make your campaign attractive to viewers. Although there is nothing wrong with selling products or services, it’s better to use your campaign to solve problems or discuss solutions. There’s a reason why ‘how-to’ videos are popular because not only do they offer solutions to a problem, they also help define your products and service as well as showcase your skills and expertise. 


      1. 4.       Include a Call to Action

     The goal of online video production is to build a stronger brand identity and grow your business. So get your viewers to respond to your advertisement by creating good quality videos that capture their full attention. Then, take advantage of the opportunity by providing calls to action, such as asking them to sign up for a newsletter, leave feedback, subscribe to your YouTube channel, share the campaign on social networking sites and visit your blogs.


      1. 5.       Create a Series of Videos

     Quality videos help build brand identity each time they are released or posted on various blogs or social networking sites. Hence, if you want to get wider market exposure and continue to create brand awareness, you need to produce numerous outputs and post them on a regular basis. To do this, create tutorials, product demonstrations, webinars and webcasts and then break them into a series of short promotional materials.

    To spark a successful marketing campaign, create an online buzz, pull traffic to your website and improve your brand with the use of creative advertising video production.

    If you’re looking for high quality videos that attract viewers and provide exposure to your business, we can deliver them to you.

    Here at TuberADS, we offer 30- and 60- second customised video ads that suit your business needs and cater specifically for small businesses.

    For enquiries, send us a message through our Contact page.

    At TuberADS, we can help jumpstart your online marketing campaign.






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