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  • Top Tips to Producing Highly Effective Video Content

    How do you build a solid reputation in the online community?

    These days, one of the best ways is to create top quality business video productions that are engaging to millions of Internet users.

    Producing highly effective video ads will help spread the word about your business and, eventually, turn your avid viewers into customers.

    But how can you do this? Here are some tips to help you produce top quality videos that are sure to keep your audience in awe and interested about your products or services.

    Define your target audience, know their issues and offer solutions.

    Every business should start from identifying their target audience, their issues and aspirations. A highly effective advertising video production company knows how to take advantage of these problems by offering a solution to improve the lives of the viewers. So make sure that your videos are centred on providing benefits from using your products or services, and not just describing their features.

    Plan an entertaining and informative script.

    Just like an architect, you need to create a blueprint for your video production to specify all the details and elements that you want to include in your advertisement. A persuasive and informative script will not only captivate your viewers, but also has the power to turn your audience into potential customers. So before you spend your time, effort or money on creating video content, work on a good script; one that is clear, concise and most of all, compelling.

    Take a hint from movies and pop culture.

    Great TV commercials are inspired by popular movies and pop culture. So why not take a hint from them? You can make references to famous movies or pop culture to make your videos more relatable to your viewers. You can also take inspiration from what’s on trend or in demand. But make sure that you are still on track and not stray from your business’ personality.

    Study the most successful video campaigns.

    Learning the techniques and strategies of filmmakers or video makers gives you an edge, helping you improve your own style. As long as you don’t infringe copyrights by using their content, you can study their styles and techniques to help you create YouTube advertisement videos that are interesting, engaging and powerful.

    Build a solid presence online and improve your brand. Use these key strategies to produce quality and highly effective video that can potentially turn your viewers into customers.


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  • A Killer Way To Stand Out Online

    A Killer Way To Stand Out Online

    What excites the senses more than sound and vision?  The dynamic nature of advertising on what was once physical paper form is now fluid in colour and sound, with the use of laptops, tablets and other mobile devices.  The majority of readers exposed to advertising were limited to more conventional means such as billboards, television, radio, and print advertising.  Newspaper advertising sales were in the norm as recently as ten years ago, however technology changed all that. Content is now more immediate and readily available with a touch of a button.  Bringing the product to the consumer is taking a rapid approach through the use of technology.

    The demand on media and technology connecting and engaging viewers is here.  Where certain sites have taken prominence in capturing viewer attention such as YouTube, advertisers have also started using such platforms to steer business in their direction. So video is the key!

    What works for you in advertising?

    Ask yourself what the last few advertisements you had seen which grabbed you.  Were they something in text form or was there sound and vision involved?  What was it about the advertisement even if momentarily which might have grabbed you?  We as human beings generally have short attention spans, and it tends to be due to the bombardment of information we allow ourselves to experience.  It is here where it is important to capture the attention in just a couple of seconds and allow the person to make a decision if they are going to wait to see and hear more about the message that they are viewing.

    Who Does YouTube Think They Are?

    “I just wanted to go on YouTube and watch a funny cat video and an advertisement appeared.”

    A few minute of an Ad before you see the ‘Skip Ad’ and click it has seen positive results in reiteration in consumer minds, where even without viewing the entire video ad, it has served a few seconds which has allowed the viewer to absorb t least part of the message.  Research has shown the positive results to the advertiser, without leaving the viewer frustrated.  YouTube advertising works.

    A sign of plans to keep up with the video ads trend was the recent move of YouTube Exec, Baljeet Singh to Twitter to work on more videos and sell ads on the site.

    Web Video Production

    Any advertiser who is unsure how to get started can Google ‘adwords video campaigns’ and get the ball rolling.  We can supply you the video to try out for $1 for 30 days.  It’s worth a try out.  Use it for your social media too.

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  • How To Set Up You First Online Video Campaign On YouTube

    How To Set Up You First Online Video Campaign On YouTube
    Google is at the forefront of advertising.  All you need to do is look around on any Google search and see the list of businesses seeking your attention on the side of your search results.  For most companies that already use Google as a part of their marketing strategy, they could testify the necessity of being ever present online and what better place to be seen than on Google.  The World’s number #1 viewed website.  Each AdWords subscriber would express their own level of success on being viewed on Google, however most would suggest that their presence online is a crucial part of their overall strategy.  Not being seen online is eliminating a large market of potential customers who could possibly be aware of your existence.

    The presence in Text Ad format is the common method of being seen on those Google searches, and the ongoing efforts to get to the first page is an ongoing effort.  In 2006 Google’s acquisition of YouTube was the coming tide of advertising with video.  It’s still AdWords, but on the YouTube platform.  You get seen in motion and colour with a method to showcase your business and services.  YouTube is the third most watched website in the world and with the advance in technology, video is becoming even more accessible to people and communities around the world.  YouTube is a portal for learning, teaching, and entertainment and also available to audiences in many languages.

    Taking advantage of a powerful vehicle such as YouTube using the AdWords campaign set up is very easy and in minutes you could get started.

    To start off with, you now need to register a Gmail account.  You can start by going to the Google home page and clicking ‘Gmail’ at the top right hand side of the page.  On the next page you will be prompted to ‘Create An Account.’

    Once you have the Gmail account, you can get started by going in to the Google page and searching for AdWords (There are numerous ways, but for a beginner this is probably easiest).  You can then click the ‘Start Now’ button.  You will be asked some basic qualifying questions before you start.  It will ask you to create an AdWords account

    You can select the two selections below:

    1.  I have an email address and password I already use with Google services like AdSense, Gmail, YouTube, or Google+.    

    2.  I'd like to choose a new login name and password just for AdWords.

    This will create your AdWords account.  Now your ready to start your campaign! 

    Look on the left hand panel and look for 'All Video Campaigns' button and select that.  On the next page, click the RED ‘+ Campaign’ button and fill out the required details on the next page.

    You can do this by yourself, or simply call 1800 988 5711800 988 571 for help creating your first ad.


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