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  • Visuals Headlining Content Marketing

    With the increasing use of multimedia vehicles such as Pinterst, Facebook and Twitter, there is a heavier reliance on attracting customers by telling your story. The same goes with the visual attraction as a result of sites such as YouTube and Vevo. The reliance on delivery of a message has resulted in the take off of YouTube and Vevo as a source of information. All you need to see is the appearance of movie trailers and video games trailers and game plays reviews that continue to bombard PCs and mobile devices. Quite often you will find the source of the visual leads to YouTube, whether the video is clicked from a website or as a link on a enewsletter. Read this article which appeared in February 2013. The trend is now becoming stronger from the time this was written. Read more »

  • How Video Has Changed The Way You Click

    How many of you hear a name of a celebrity or a new technology and you want to know more about it.  What do you do?  You open a browser whether it be on a desktop, tablet or on your Smartphone and you do a search.

    When the search results displays, what catches your eye first?  It is often the search result with a video.  You may have many similar options to sift through, and it may not even be the search results you wanted.  The point here is that it still caught your eye, and statistically proven that it is highly probable that you may select it to just satisfy your curiosity.

    Video is the new head turner.  You either have it or you don’t.  It could be a ‘how to’ video or a video advertisement or simply a publicity video or seminar.  This is the rapidly adopted tactic businesses are using to get their name recognised.  An awareness campaign of sorts.  The more viewers you have seeing you online the more your business is driving traffic to it.

    A consumer in any domain whether it is through traditional media such as newspapers, magazines or television would scan through a lot of text but still get distracted by a photo or image.  Take for example the comics pages in a newspaper, where images communicate the message.  It is much more effective and absorbed by viewers.

    The internet is the perfect forum to get the word out about who you are with the multitude of social media hubs such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, just to name a few.  Peoples’ need to express their opinions has provisioned this rapid growth.

    How many of you have logged on to Facebook or Twitter and shared an opinion or ‘Liked’ something with the iconic thumbs up?  We are all likely to have done this.  Social Media allows you to endorse your views and this is what makes something more prevalent than others.  It is the attraction to something based on their few minutes on social media as someone scrolls down and sees something that catches their eye and gives them the opportunity to see you, even if it is for a few seconds.  That’s enough to trigger embedding a brand in their memory.  The purpose is to acknowledge that brand, idea or story.

    Have a look at something that you looked at on Facebook, such as an animal story, an Amazing advertisement, a prank, or an inspiring story, there was something that drew you to click to watch it.  If anything, it embedded an image in your brain.  Next time you ever come across it, it is likely that recollection is there.

    It is this that has seen a higher focus on how businesses use the internet to portray and mould their image online.

    So next time you click a video to find out how to follow a recipe or watch something humorous, just remember you clicked it, so you’ll remember it!

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  • Video Advertising: A Powerful Channel to Promote Your Brand Online

    Video Advertising: A Powerful Channel to Promote Your Brand Online

    Why are people drawn to videos?

    The ‘Brain Lady’, Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D., a leading speaker and consultant to brands like Disney, Amazon and Walmart, has uncovered four psychological reasons why videos are compelling to customers.

      1. The Fusiform Facial area (FFA) makes us pay attention to faces. The FAA is a part of the human visual system that is used for face perception or recognition. This is the reason why viewing the speakers and interpreting the information based on their facial expressions is more enthralling than reading text.

      2. Voice conveys rich information. The sound of a human voice transforms words into meaningful messages and useful content.

      3. Emotions are contagious. The feelings or messages conveyed in a video can affect and influence viewers.

      4. Movement grabs attention. Human brains are wired to ensure that movements keep people engaged. Movements also express emotions, thereby stimulating the senses and promoting enjoyment among viewers.   

    So, how can you leverage these important details in your business? You can do so by using quality videos to increase your online presence, market your products or services and build your brand. With the Internet becoming the most powerful medium of communication, creative video advertising has the power to reach millions of customers and provide them with fast and easy access to information.

    What is video advertising?

    Video advertising is one of the most promising online campaign formats and one of the fastest-growing online marketing opportunities available today. Taking advantage of what online video production has to offer is a smart move to stay ahead of the competition.

    To further convince you how advertising video production increases your online presence and builds your brand, read some of its advantages below.

      • Increases traffic to websites


    Online video production is gaining strength as a valuable medium to drive website traffic. Well-presented videos, with quality content and keywords, rank well in search engines. When a video ad contains a link to your business’ website, there is a greater chance that the viewers will visit that site. YouTube, which is the third largest website in the world, has approximately 4 billion users per day. Imagine the traffic your website can gain by using YouTube ads.

      • Builds trust


    Videos are not only effective in capturing viewers’ interests, they also help businesses define products or services in better detail to viewers. By giving more accurate details, useful insights and updates, and reaching your clients, customers and associates on a more personal level, you build loyalty and trust between you and your viewers.

      • Offers real-time interaction


    Video ads on the Internet offer customers with a ‘one-click’ approach to buying products. Unlike TV ads, online advertising provides customers with real-time opportunity to purchase a product or use a service. Fun and informative video advertisements also encourage users to leave valuable feedback or comments to help enhance existing products and improve services. 

      • Creates brand recognition


    Social media has a huge influence on the online community. This is why businesses should make use of this powerful tool to gain recognition of their products or services. By getting your video ads circulating on the web through influential social networking sites like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook, you can aggressively promote your business online. You can also increase your online presence by spreading your company’s message with the help of powerful search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

    Build your brand and propel your business towards success with the use of a well-crafted video advertisement.

    Here at TuberADS, we can help kick start your first online video marketing campaign.

    For less than id="mce_marker"00 USD, we can provide quality custom-made online video advertisement for your business’ needs. Check out our range of online videos here.

    For inquiries and questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message through our contact form. We look forward to helping you promote your business online.





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  • 5 Creative Ways to Spark Interest in Your Videos

     What separates a great video from the others? It’s all about the FACE or the way you present it.

    Your videos should be appealing enough to spark interest among netizens. Make it as captivating as Helen of Troy, and we guarantee that you can launch a thousand ships, or in this case, ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ in the blogosphere.  To ensure this, here are five creative ways to make your advertising video production captivating and engaging to millions of viewers.


    Help and Inspire!

    Viewers are looking for inspiration, so give them that. Use engaging and heart-warming stories that will make your target audience dream, laugh and have fun. You can brainstorm with your creative team to come up with unpredictable ideas which will delight your audience. Also look into social media sites and read comments and suggestions from people and then use them to create how-to guides that will help them in their daily lives.

    Add Personality to Your Tutorials

    Add character to your tutorials. Start with a catchy greeting and don’t forget to introduce yourself. This will help you connect with viewers, giving them a feel that you want to make friends with them. Also, promote your business at the end. This is the perfect time to mention your tag line and business name, along with the details on how you can help your viewers find solutions to a problem.

    Talk to Your Audience

    Friendly and conversational video advertisements can capture attention and engage viewers. So create a video that looks and feels like a spontaneous conversation between friends. Talk directly to your audience as if you’re in a room with them. This creates a connection and builds better relationships; thus, helping you build your brand.

    Dazzle and Delight Them

    Capture your viewers’ attention by creating stories that are mesmerising, entertaining and emotionally rewarding; those that generate interest and leave viewers craving for more. Dazzle and delight your audience by making use of stunning imagery, cool animations and powerful voice overs.

    Go Along with the Trend

    Be the first to spread updates on important events. Create videos that focus on trends in various topics, such as in fashion, food, lifestyle or entertainment. Then upload these to your YouTube advertising channel or to your blogs and social networking sites. This way, you can potentially generate thousands of views, shares and likes, which can help increase traffic to your website.

    Have you tried any of these creative ideas yourself? We’re sure that you have other interesting ideas to promote your video posts. Share them with us here by leaving a comment below.

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