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  • Get Ready For Online Video Ads To Eat Everything

    Online video is poised to be the next big trend for online advertising. How do I know this? More specifically, how do I know this outside of the fact that every research analyst and thought leader in the space has been predicting this trend for years? Because 1) media buyers are increasingly moving their TV ad dollars — and ad dollars from other categories — to online video and 2) they will have soon have a seamless, TV-sized audience for their online video ads, courtesy of Facebook. See More Here: Read more »

  • Video Captures The Attention Of Potential Buyers More Than Text Ads

    There are a number of sites now which accommodate campaign advertising. One of which is Google's AdWords. The various devices and also the advance of technology has seen to the uptake of more effective visual attraction to capture the attention of the consumer. It was like what advertising most likely posters plastered on walls or in newspapers, until technology enabled voice to perform the advertising on the radio, and then the next step to television. This is merely the natural step in the face of technology to find a means to grab the attention of the customer. TuberADS uses both Text and Video Ads on the Google network, and without fail the Video Ads attracts more clicks. Pictures and sound capture their imagination of the potential buyer in more ways than a Text Ad. They too have their place, however the simple process to type an effective AdWords Ad is also as easy with a Video Ad. The only difference is we have done the hard work for you! TuberADS provides the 30 second or 60 second ad with your personal business name and slogans to attract the attention of your potential customers. Utilize the Online Video Ad to attract customers to your site, and the rest is up to your own website to convince the customer. TuberADS provides the grab to get the customer to you! You can start the process to get your Online Video Ad by clicking the HOME button and then selecting the 'Click Similar Video button under the video you would like for us to complete for you with your business name, logo and slogans. What you receive is the YouTube link for your AdWords and other online and social media promotions, as well as the embed code for your website and the MP4 file DVD and any other requirements for the movie file. Read more »

  • Why Do I Need An Online Video Ad?

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    As with many small businesses, we need to find a means of reaching the pool of potential customers who are out there in the open plains of the internet, but what more can we do to attract them to us? The new wave of online video advertising has been statistically proven to attract more people to them versus text advertisements.

    Text Ads are Active whilst Video Ads are passive. People tend to retain more information about a product or service if the information is fed visually as opposed to actively finding the information as you do as you read through text.

    Video advertising with the aid of sound also helps retain the message somewhat more than text messages. There is a connection in the message that is communicated and retained. TuberADS gives a business a burst of information in a short 30 to 60 seconds giving information of a business, and their message, logo and contact details. Using a TuberADS Online Video is not only cost effective, it is available royalty free and indefinitely. Online Video Ads will see your business receive more traffic compared to Text Ads.

    The most convincing way to see what works is to create an onlline video campaign and also the same text only Ad and then compare the number of views. You can do this on Google AdWords.


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  • 5 Strategies for Creating a Successful Online Video Marketing Campaign

    What’s the secret to a successful online video marketing campaign? It’s using quality videos that are not only useful and informative, but are also engaging to viewers. This does not only boost your business’ online presence, it also sparks traffic on your site.

    But how do you make yours stand out from a sea of competitors? Learn and make use of the following strategies to create a successful online video marketing campaign. 


      1. 1.       Think of a Catchy Title

     A video title, like the headline to a blog post, can help drive traffic to a website. Thus, creating a catchy title is important. Aside from capturing viewers’ attention, it also helps rank your website when you make use of the appropriate keywords in your title. Because YouTube is powered by Google, then keywords and phrases used in your titles are essential in getting your website found on search engines.


      1. 2.       Know the Basic Keyword Strategies

     To optimise YouTube advertising videos, make sure to add relevant keywords in their titles, descriptions and tags. You can also use your website’s pages as ‘maps’ to help search engines figure out what your content is all about. Instead of using search words, target specific search phrases. For instance, instead of using ‘ online advertisement’ as a keyword, use ‘effective online advertisement’ for a better chance of showing up on the front of search results. Learning all these basic keyword strategies will help increase traffic to your website.


      1. 3.       Provide Informative Content

     When creating online marketing campaigns, think about your ideal viewers. How can you help them? What can you offer that they’ll find useful and valuable? Knowing the answers to these questions is the key to attracting your target market. Also, avoid ‘salesy’ or ‘spammy’ content to make your campaign attractive to viewers. Although there is nothing wrong with selling products or services, it’s better to use your campaign to solve problems or discuss solutions. There’s a reason why ‘how-to’ videos are popular because not only do they offer solutions to a problem, they also help define your products and service as well as showcase your skills and expertise. 


      1. 4.       Include a Call to Action

     The goal of online video production is to build a stronger brand identity and grow your business. So get your viewers to respond to your advertisement by creating good quality videos that capture their full attention. Then, take advantage of the opportunity by providing calls to action, such as asking them to sign up for a newsletter, leave feedback, subscribe to your YouTube channel, share the campaign on social networking sites and visit your blogs.


      1. 5.       Create a Series of Videos

     Quality videos help build brand identity each time they are released or posted on various blogs or social networking sites. Hence, if you want to get wider market exposure and continue to create brand awareness, you need to produce numerous outputs and post them on a regular basis. To do this, create tutorials, product demonstrations, webinars and webcasts and then break them into a series of short promotional materials.

    To spark a successful marketing campaign, create an online buzz, pull traffic to your website and improve your brand with the use of creative advertising video production.

    If you’re looking for high quality videos that attract viewers and provide exposure to your business, we can deliver them to you.

    Here at TuberADS, we offer 30- and 60- second customised video ads that suit your business needs and cater specifically for small businesses.

    For enquiries, send us a message through our Contact page.

    At TuberADS, we can help jumpstart your online marketing campaign.






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  • How Video Has Changed The Way You Click

    How many of you hear a name of a celebrity or a new technology and you want to know more about it.  What do you do?  You open a browser whether it be on a desktop, tablet or on your Smartphone and you do a search.

    When the search results displays, what catches your eye first?  It is often the search result with a video.  You may have many similar options to sift through, and it may not even be the search results you wanted.  The point here is that it still caught your eye, and statistically proven that it is highly probable that you may select it to just satisfy your curiosity.

    Video is the new head turner.  You either have it or you don’t.  It could be a ‘how to’ video or a video advertisement or simply a publicity video or seminar.  This is the rapidly adopted tactic businesses are using to get their name recognised.  An awareness campaign of sorts.  The more viewers you have seeing you online the more your business is driving traffic to it.

    A consumer in any domain whether it is through traditional media such as newspapers, magazines or television would scan through a lot of text but still get distracted by a photo or image.  Take for example the comics pages in a newspaper, where images communicate the message.  It is much more effective and absorbed by viewers.

    The internet is the perfect forum to get the word out about who you are with the multitude of social media hubs such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, just to name a few.  Peoples’ need to express their opinions has provisioned this rapid growth.

    How many of you have logged on to Facebook or Twitter and shared an opinion or ‘Liked’ something with the iconic thumbs up?  We are all likely to have done this.  Social Media allows you to endorse your views and this is what makes something more prevalent than others.  It is the attraction to something based on their few minutes on social media as someone scrolls down and sees something that catches their eye and gives them the opportunity to see you, even if it is for a few seconds.  That’s enough to trigger embedding a brand in their memory.  The purpose is to acknowledge that brand, idea or story.

    Have a look at something that you looked at on Facebook, such as an animal story, an Amazing advertisement, a prank, or an inspiring story, there was something that drew you to click to watch it.  If anything, it embedded an image in your brain.  Next time you ever come across it, it is likely that recollection is there.

    It is this that has seen a higher focus on how businesses use the internet to portray and mould their image online.

    So next time you click a video to find out how to follow a recipe or watch something humorous, just remember you clicked it, so you’ll remember it!

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