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  • Why Do I Need An Online Video Ad?

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    As with many small businesses, we need to find a means of reaching the pool of potential customers who are out there in the open plains of the internet, but what more can we do to attract them to us? The new wave of online video advertising has been statistically proven to attract more people to them versus text advertisements.

    Text Ads are Active whilst Video Ads are passive. People tend to retain more information about a product or service if the information is fed visually as opposed to actively finding the information as you do as you read through text.

    Video advertising with the aid of sound also helps retain the message somewhat more than text messages. There is a connection in the message that is communicated and retained. TuberADS gives a business a burst of information in a short 30 to 60 seconds giving information of a business, and their message, logo and contact details. Using a TuberADS Online Video is not only cost effective, it is available royalty free and indefinitely. Online Video Ads will see your business receive more traffic compared to Text Ads.

    The most convincing way to see what works is to create an onlline video campaign and also the same text only Ad and then compare the number of views. You can do this on Google AdWords.


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  • Video Captures The Attention Of Potential Buyers More Than Text Ads

    There are a number of sites now which accommodate campaign advertising. One of which is Google's AdWords. The various devices and also the advance of technology has seen to the uptake of more effective visual attraction to capture the attention of the consumer. It was like what advertising most likely posters plastered on walls or in newspapers, until technology enabled voice to perform the advertising on the radio, and then the next step to television. This is merely the natural step in the face of technology to find a means to grab the attention of the customer. TuberADS uses both Text and Video Ads on the Google network, and without fail the Video Ads attracts more clicks. Pictures and sound capture their imagination of the potential buyer in more ways than a Text Ad. They too have their place, however the simple process to type an effective AdWords Ad is also as easy with a Video Ad. The only difference is we have done the hard work for you! TuberADS provides the 30 second or 60 second ad with your personal business name and slogans to attract the attention of your potential customers. Utilize the Online Video Ad to attract customers to your site, and the rest is up to your own website to convince the customer. TuberADS provides the grab to get the customer to you! You can start the process to get your Online Video Ad by clicking the HOME button and then selecting the 'Click Similar Video button under the video you would like for us to complete for you with your business name, logo and slogans. What you receive is the YouTube link for your AdWords and other online and social media promotions, as well as the embed code for your website and the MP4 file DVD and any other requirements for the movie file. Read more »

  • 5 Tips to Improve Marketing Results on Your YouTube Channel

    In our previous post, we provided you with effective ways to optimise your online videos—and one smart way to do this is to create a YouTube advertising channel.
    This time, we will explore the topic further and share some advice and tips on how you can make the most of this powerful search engine to maximise your marketing results. Read on.

    Why Create a YouTube Channel?

    YouTube is like a hunting ground for business owners and marketers looking to gain exposure on their products and services.  Tagged as ‘the ultimate platform for global social change’ by Forbes, YouTube is more than just a site where you can post videos of adorable pets and unforgettable adventures. It’s an online realm where hundreds of products and services are introduced on a daily basis.  So, if you want to maximise the marketing potential of your videos, set up an effective YouTube video ads channel by following these tips:

    Personalise Your Background

    Your channel should be unique to identify you from the millions of YouTubers. Instead of the typical white background, select a colour scheme that represents your company. Also include images and text that define your brand, such as a logo and slogan. Integrating visuals that look professional into your account will help you gain viewers.

    Feature Your Best Video

    By default, YouTube chooses your most recent video as your ‘Featured’ video. Be sure to change this and select the one that is your best offering. To change your Featured clip, go to your ‘My Channel’ setting and select ‘Video and Playlists’.

    Choose the Right Thumbnails

    Thumbnails represent your videos in the search results. When viewers look for videos on your channel, the first things they will see are the still pictures. Hence, make sure that the images do not only look good, but are also intriguing and interesting to encourage viewers to watch them.

    Add Channel Tags

    Adding tags on your videos is an excellent way to help viewers find your content easily. To add relevant keywords as tags, go to the ‘My Channel’ menu and select ‘Settings’.

    Keep Your Channel Active

    The goal of advertising video production is to build brand awareness, so it doesn’t end the moment you’ve customised your YouTube channel. This is just one of the many processes of running a successful campaign. In order to maintain a successful online campaign, be active on your station. This means that you need to constantly and consistently update your activity stream. Also make sure to participate in users’ conversations. Viewers are more likely to visit your channel if you take the time to communicate with them.

    Bottom Line

    Your YouTube Channel functions as a personalised station for your business. Like your Facebook page, you need to customise your channel to showcase your personality and establish your brand. By following these tips, you can maximise the marketing potential of your online videos.

    If you are looking for quality videos for your YouTube channel, TuberADS can help you. We are a business video production company that creates quality custom-made videos to help boost your online marketing campaign.

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  • 5 Strategies for Creating a Successful Online Video Marketing Campaign

    What’s the secret to a successful online video marketing campaign? It’s using quality videos that are not only useful and informative, but are also engaging to viewers. This does not only boost your business’ online presence, it also sparks traffic on your site.

    But how do you make yours stand out from a sea of competitors? Learn and make use of the following strategies to create a successful online video marketing campaign. 


      1. 1.       Think of a Catchy Title

     A video title, like the headline to a blog post, can help drive traffic to a website. Thus, creating a catchy title is important. Aside from capturing viewers’ attention, it also helps rank your website when you make use of the appropriate keywords in your title. Because YouTube is powered by Google, then keywords and phrases used in your titles are essential in getting your website found on search engines.


      1. 2.       Know the Basic Keyword Strategies

     To optimise YouTube advertising videos, make sure to add relevant keywords in their titles, descriptions and tags. You can also use your website’s pages as ‘maps’ to help search engines figure out what your content is all about. Instead of using search words, target specific search phrases. For instance, instead of using ‘ online advertisement’ as a keyword, use ‘effective online advertisement’ for a better chance of showing up on the front of search results. Learning all these basic keyword strategies will help increase traffic to your website.


      1. 3.       Provide Informative Content

     When creating online marketing campaigns, think about your ideal viewers. How can you help them? What can you offer that they’ll find useful and valuable? Knowing the answers to these questions is the key to attracting your target market. Also, avoid ‘salesy’ or ‘spammy’ content to make your campaign attractive to viewers. Although there is nothing wrong with selling products or services, it’s better to use your campaign to solve problems or discuss solutions. There’s a reason why ‘how-to’ videos are popular because not only do they offer solutions to a problem, they also help define your products and service as well as showcase your skills and expertise. 


      1. 4.       Include a Call to Action

     The goal of online video production is to build a stronger brand identity and grow your business. So get your viewers to respond to your advertisement by creating good quality videos that capture their full attention. Then, take advantage of the opportunity by providing calls to action, such as asking them to sign up for a newsletter, leave feedback, subscribe to your YouTube channel, share the campaign on social networking sites and visit your blogs.


      1. 5.       Create a Series of Videos

     Quality videos help build brand identity each time they are released or posted on various blogs or social networking sites. Hence, if you want to get wider market exposure and continue to create brand awareness, you need to produce numerous outputs and post them on a regular basis. To do this, create tutorials, product demonstrations, webinars and webcasts and then break them into a series of short promotional materials.

    To spark a successful marketing campaign, create an online buzz, pull traffic to your website and improve your brand with the use of creative advertising video production.

    If you’re looking for high quality videos that attract viewers and provide exposure to your business, we can deliver them to you.

    Here at TuberADS, we offer 30- and 60- second customised video ads that suit your business needs and cater specifically for small businesses.

    For enquiries, send us a message through our Contact page.

    At TuberADS, we can help jumpstart your online marketing campaign.






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  • How does business benefit with video advertising?

    Businesses have many options when it comes to advertising.  Some forms of advertising highly effective and others not so.  When a business decides to put together their marketing and advertising strategy, one thing should be clear, that they cannot escape the need to include digital advertising.  This is not a trend, but more so the now and future of keeping a business in touch with their customers.

    It is important to see what part of the worked you are in and what your target customer is.  If you are a small business in an area where internet usage is low and you are not seeking business from outside that type of community, then a digital strategy would most likely not be required at this time.

    A digital strategy can include any form of online promotions, such as display advertising such as banners, overlays, video, and advertorials.  An internet user can see this everywhere they click.  For example in YouTube just before or even during a featured video that they had selected, or on pop ups and banner advertising such as on news sites and further more on selected AdSense sites which Google has incorporated to advertise your business for a fee.

    There has been a rapid rise in businesses adopting the video ads to promote their business online.  The video ad gives a business a professional feel online regardless what your business is.  An online video production will enhance your online cred, and has been proven, will attract more viewers to you during their search.  Video also gives a business a higher ranking in the rankings.

    Looking at the top 3 most popular ranked websites, Google, YouTube and Facebook, web video production is accommodated.  In other words a video advertisement means a great way to attract more viewers.  Ultimately, the goal is to attract people to be your customers.

    Video advertising will become a business’ great ally in promoting businesses.


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