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  • 5 Tips to Improve Marketing Results on Your YouTube Channel

    In our previous post, we provided you with effective ways to optimise your online videos—and one smart way to do this is to create a YouTube advertising channel.
    This time, we will explore the topic further and share some advice and tips on how you can make the most of this powerful search engine to maximise your marketing results. Read on.

    Why Create a YouTube Channel?

    YouTube is like a hunting ground for business owners and marketers looking to gain exposure on their products and services.  Tagged as ‘the ultimate platform for global social change’ by Forbes, YouTube is more than just a site where you can post videos of adorable pets and unforgettable adventures. It’s an online realm where hundreds of products and services are introduced on a daily basis.  So, if you want to maximise the marketing potential of your videos, set up an effective YouTube video ads channel by following these tips:

    Personalise Your Background

    Your channel should be unique to identify you from the millions of YouTubers. Instead of the typical white background, select a colour scheme that represents your company. Also include images and text that define your brand, such as a logo and slogan. Integrating visuals that look professional into your account will help you gain viewers.

    Feature Your Best Video

    By default, YouTube chooses your most recent video as your ‘Featured’ video. Be sure to change this and select the one that is your best offering. To change your Featured clip, go to your ‘My Channel’ setting and select ‘Video and Playlists’.

    Choose the Right Thumbnails

    Thumbnails represent your videos in the search results. When viewers look for videos on your channel, the first things they will see are the still pictures. Hence, make sure that the images do not only look good, but are also intriguing and interesting to encourage viewers to watch them.

    Add Channel Tags

    Adding tags on your videos is an excellent way to help viewers find your content easily. To add relevant keywords as tags, go to the ‘My Channel’ menu and select ‘Settings’.

    Keep Your Channel Active

    The goal of advertising video production is to build brand awareness, so it doesn’t end the moment you’ve customised your YouTube channel. This is just one of the many processes of running a successful campaign. In order to maintain a successful online campaign, be active on your station. This means that you need to constantly and consistently update your activity stream. Also make sure to participate in users’ conversations. Viewers are more likely to visit your channel if you take the time to communicate with them.

    Bottom Line

    Your YouTube Channel functions as a personalised station for your business. Like your Facebook page, you need to customise your channel to showcase your personality and establish your brand. By following these tips, you can maximise the marketing potential of your online videos.

    If you are looking for quality videos for your YouTube channel, TuberADS can help you. We are a business video production company that creates quality custom-made videos to help boost your online marketing campaign.

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  • How Business Is Rapidly Embracing Online Video Advertising

    Internet has always been changing and introducing new ways to make things easier and cost-effective. Online video advertising is one of those ways that has become popular in a short span of time and emerged as a new light of hope for the business owners, relying on online marketing. It is catching fire rapidly and many businesses are now turning their heads towards this trend. It is a cost effective method for launching new products in the market and sharing details about the company.

    Whether be it a big organization or small, online video advertising offer its charms to all, thanks to the advance technology. The statistics show that this mode of advertising is almost as equally effective as the television advertisements and some say that it is gaining more ground than television ads by the passing day. Video ads are usually short in length like the ones on television, but have impact that is more influential on the viewer than any television advertisement.

    Since smaller businesses have relatively low revenue and profits, so, this makes it easier for them to promote their business at affordable rates. They have acknowledged the change in trend and now give preference to online video advertising for the promotion and endorsement of their products. What influences this method among them is its most attractive characteristic, which is cost effectiveness. It is an inexpensive method that does not only provide great outcomes and better chances of reaching out to the potential customers.

    “Web 2.0” is an online advertising term which refers to the sharing of information and rating it by the people of common interest and the most common example of it is YouTube. Sharing the videos on websites that get enormous traffic and visitors on daily basis like Daily Motion and YouTube can get thousands of views in a matter of hours. This is the reason why this technique is economical, as these sites do not ask people to pay for the sharing of their product, or video, like the television channels do. Product advertising videos can easily gain popularity on such sites if the video has the element of attraction which can be anything like emotional drama, comedy etc. These sites also provide the option of commenting on videos, which is the best way to know the reviews and feedback of the viewers.

    According to the recent statistics, an average user spends more than 22 hours on internet watching video content and 188 million people in the US watched 52.4 billion online content videos in December 2013. With that much audience, reaching potential customers in those numbers should not be a difficult task. It makes it easier for the advertisers to place ads on Web 2.0 type of sites, as they put on no such restrictions on the number of ads or videos a certain user can upload.

    Wrapping up the discussion, this method, no doubt, is highly economical and influential especially for the small business owners. It is recommended that for a successful and cost-effective promotion of any product, online video advertising is the best option.

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