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  • 3 Effective Online Marketing Channels that Boost Your Business

       ‘Strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability and growth.’

    — Tom Cates

    Online channels create interaction, and interaction builds long-term relationships. This
    in turn creates customer trust and builds brand awareness and loyalty.

    With digital channels, businesses gain wider market exposure and improve their brand. In
    order to achieve effective marketing campaigns and success, it is pivotal then,
    for companies to make use of the following digital or online channels.

    The Web

    Through creative, informative and useful content published on the Web, you have the power to
    reach millions of people, or potential customers, and communicate your products
    or services to them. Through your company website, blog posts, news articles,
    forums and the like on this one online channel, you can build a stronger
    relationship with your consumers and make your business reliable. Thus, fostering
    customer loyalty and boosting your brand identity.

    Social Media Applications

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     Using social media applications allows you to connect with your loyal customers and potential clients in real-time. By
    getting your message across using influential social networking sites (e.g. Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook),
    microblogging sites (e.g. Twitter and Tumblr) andcontent communities (e.g. DailyMotion and YouTube), you can increase your
    presence on the Web and expand your market coverage. For example, with the use of your YouTube advertising channel,
    you can upload videos to generate views, shares and likes across different social media platforms. This can help build
    awareness on your brand and help grow your business.

    Online Video Production

    Videos can add personality and bring life to your advertising campaigns.  With the use of this digital platform, you can
    provide useful insights and updates about your products and services in an informative and engaging way.
    By incorporating beautiful imagery, cool music and stunning visual effects into your advertising video production,
    you can make your campaigns interesting; hence, capturing your audience’s attention and building connections
    amongst your millions of viewers. Here in Australia, website video production companies like TuberAds can help
    you create a successful digital marketing campaign.

    Bottom Line

    Online channels like the Web, social media applications and videos can create interest, build connections and
    foster lasting relationships with millions of audiences. Thus, helping you create effective marketing campaigns as
    well as build a stronger brand identity to improve your business.

    What can you say about today’s online marketing channels? Which ones do you find most effective for your business?
    Tell us about it in the comments section below.







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  • How Business Is Rapidly Embracing Online Video Advertising

    Internet has always been changing and introducing new ways to make things easier and cost-effective. Online video advertising is one of those ways that has become popular in a short span of time and emerged as a new light of hope for the business owners, relying on online marketing. It is catching fire rapidly and many businesses are now turning their heads towards this trend. It is a cost effective method for launching new products in the market and sharing details about the company.

    Whether be it a big organization or small, online video advertising offer its charms to all, thanks to the advance technology. The statistics show that this mode of advertising is almost as equally effective as the television advertisements and some say that it is gaining more ground than television ads by the passing day. Video ads are usually short in length like the ones on television, but have impact that is more influential on the viewer than any television advertisement.

    Since smaller businesses have relatively low revenue and profits, so, this makes it easier for them to promote their business at affordable rates. They have acknowledged the change in trend and now give preference to online video advertising for the promotion and endorsement of their products. What influences this method among them is its most attractive characteristic, which is cost effectiveness. It is an inexpensive method that does not only provide great outcomes and better chances of reaching out to the potential customers.

    “Web 2.0” is an online advertising term which refers to the sharing of information and rating it by the people of common interest and the most common example of it is YouTube. Sharing the videos on websites that get enormous traffic and visitors on daily basis like Daily Motion and YouTube can get thousands of views in a matter of hours. This is the reason why this technique is economical, as these sites do not ask people to pay for the sharing of their product, or video, like the television channels do. Product advertising videos can easily gain popularity on such sites if the video has the element of attraction which can be anything like emotional drama, comedy etc. These sites also provide the option of commenting on videos, which is the best way to know the reviews and feedback of the viewers.

    According to the recent statistics, an average user spends more than 22 hours on internet watching video content and 188 million people in the US watched 52.4 billion online content videos in December 2013. With that much audience, reaching potential customers in those numbers should not be a difficult task. It makes it easier for the advertisers to place ads on Web 2.0 type of sites, as they put on no such restrictions on the number of ads or videos a certain user can upload.

    Wrapping up the discussion, this method, no doubt, is highly economical and influential especially for the small business owners. It is recommended that for a successful and cost-effective promotion of any product, online video advertising is the best option.

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  • All Customers Get A Second Video FREE!

    All Our Customers Get A Second Video FREE With Every Full Priced Order

    That's right, when you order a full priced video, TuberADS throws in a second video for FREE for you to use for your online video campaign.  How good is that?  You can use this royalty free and on an ongoing basis.

    Online Video Advertising is the new mecca of exposure online and you should do justice to your online exposure by ordering a video and then creating your own online video campaign by following the easy steps here:

    The video is to get you started on your online exposure and get more potential customer to your site.  It is yet the most cost effective way to let people know you exist.  Make a decision and see what works for you.  You will not find anywhere on the web something at this value.

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