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  • Social Media Is More Than A Buzzword In Business

    In a time where there is an explosion of social media outlets, the immense choice needs to be filtered down to something that best fits your business.

    Firstly it is fitting to understand the meaning of Social Media.  It is the interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

    As a business, whether you are a small business or new start up, time is something that is always in the short fall.  A plan is in order to treat your social media journey with vigour and commitment that is consistent and one which the interactions are not missed.

    Whether it is creating brand identity, increase website traffic , sales conversions, and awareness or simply interacting with the audience.

    Regardless of which methods, what are the inputs needed to interact in social media?  These are text, images, and video.  Some platforms cannot cater for the more complex video option however all platforms have their merits.

    Text is the most commonly used communication on all platforms and though a powerful tool for communicating to audiences and potential future audiences, some platforms have increased the impact of the text message with the support of an image for writers and bloggers to drive more traffic with something eye-catching.  Some platforms work in an opposite manner in which the message is the image.  Platforms such as Flickr and Pinterest interact with audiences by presenting images that command a ‘Share’ or a ‘thumbs up’ of approval.

    The most recent communication tool which is more widely shared out is the use of video.  With the popularity of website platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, video messages are rapidly being shared out across a network of users.  Whether it is a cool feature video of a snowboarder skilfully coming down a mountain, or watching a tutorial on how to renovate a house, video sells.  That is with video you attract more viewers.  Some platforms are yet to accommodate video, however this may only be a matter of time before more platforms will cater to this.

    If you not sure where to start, then firstly make a list of some of the most used platforms.  YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ are just some platforms to consider.



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  • Online Videos More Effective Than TV Advertising?

    Seventy-five percent of ad agency executives say that online video ads are equally or more effective than traditional TV ads compared with just 17 percent who say they are less effective. That sentiment is shared when comparing online video ads with social media and search advertising ads as well. Ad executives also feel that online video ads are also equally or more effective than direct response and display ads, a new eMarketer report found. See More:

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  • 4 Ways to Optimise Your Online Video Marketing Campaign

    Are you using advertising video production to connect with your customers and prospects online?
    Whatever the size of your business, using videos is a great way to create and share content that is interesting and engaging,
    not to mention reach millions of netizens.  It can help you expand your market coverage and build long-term relationship with your loyal consumers.

    But how can you make the most out of your online video marketing campaign? Below are some tips.

    Generate Traffic with SEO

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can expand your market coverage by boosting traffic to your website. It also improves your chances of appearing on top of the Google search engine. To make the most of your online video production, use these basic SEO tips.
    -        Keep your title social media­– and SEO–friendly.
    -        Insert keywords in the title, description and tags.
    -        Include a call to action on the description. You can link it to your site to increase referral traffic. 

    Create a YouTube Channel

    YouTube is a powerful platform to grow your audience and attract potential customers. Your business can reach its full potential if you learn how to optimise your video correctly with YouTube. One way to do this is to create a channel with sparkling content and engaging videos that encourage your viewers to buy your products or use your services. You can also collaborate with other YouTubers and help each other expand your target market.  It really helps to partner with people who share the same interest or whose products and services are in line with your business. 

    Use Social Networking Sites

    To drive traffic to your website, post a link of your video on popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter, and make sure to convey your message in an interesting way. Include a social media description that tells your followers and fans what’s in it for them.

    Interact with the Viewers

    After posting your videos on your social media pages and YouTube channel, sustain the momentum by keeping your viewers engaged. One way to do this is to interact with your audience. Monitoring comments or feedback on your YouTube and social networking accounts will help you connect with your customers. Talking about your brand, team, industry and products or services will help you gain their trust, thereby building customer loyalty. Also, if your viewers ask questions about the topic you discussed in your video, make sure to answer them. This allows you to continue the conversation with your viewers, building long-term relationships.

    Bottom Line

    Web video production can help you connect and foster a long-term relationship with your audience. By going the extra mile and optimising your videos using our tips, you can grow your list of customers; thus, improve your business.  


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  • A Way To Get More Clicks on AdWords

    A Way To Get More Clicks on AdWords

    A picture is worth a thousand words?  Who ever said that was right on the money!  A very commonly seen method of advertising is on the world’s most used website, Google.  When ever you do a search for something you will also see a list of advertisements on the right hand side of the page.  These are Google AdWords.  Paid advertising by businesses and organisations to promote themselves to the world according to the criteria that they choose as their target audience.  Many businesses that see the real benefits of AdWords advertising are usually seen on the top five listings.  Anything below that or on the next page will see a decline in interest or visibility.

    Though AdWords text advertising is currently very much the norm for many businesses, a reasonably new phenomenon which is rapidly gaining visibility is AdWords Video Ads, also known as Youtube Advertising.  It’s simple.  Just think of the next time you watch a video on YouTube and you see an advertisement at the beginning of the video you intended to watch, and then you clicked ‘Skip Ad’.  That’s an AdWords video Ad campaign.  It is your Adwords campaign with sound, vision and motion!

    Studies have shown according to Adweek and that online video ads are more effective than television advertising.  Online Video Ads findings also indicate a minimum of a 4 Percent variance in the public’s recall rate of online video ads above television advertising.  Considering the cost effectiveness of online advertising compared to television, there has been a shift in advertising dollars towards the online stream, though television advertising remains dominant for the meantime.       

    Comparing the two types of AdWords method of advertising, text advertising, and online video advertising, various studies have indicated the effectiveness of comparing the two.  It has been noted that customers are 27 times more likely to click a Video Ad compared to a standard Adwords Ad.  The best way to test this is try it out for yourself.  Start an Adwords campaign using text advertising in a campaign.  Create a separate campaign in AdWords with the same criteria (target criteria) for online video campaigns from the Google/Adwords page, and then see the difference in click rate.  You will be astounded in the click rate difference.  To get started, check out the range of personalised video advertisements for your business at . Click ‘Order Now’ to show you the range and then click the video you want to order via the order form that will appear.  Once you receive your video you can get started on your AdWords Video Campaign. 

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  • Importance of Advertising

    The consumer is burdened with choice these days and making a choice is far more complex. This creates a dilemma to various companies with their brands, products and services. All these components are what businesses are competing to grab the attention of their target consumer groups to spend their money with them. The traditional means of advertising has been skewed with the rapid adoption of Social Media which have seen new avenues for product placement and a means to reach audiences. In this highly competitive market where there is a blur of who is offering what and what the difference of products and services offered and finally allowing the consumer to make a more informed choice. The purpose of advertising for a business is to allow consumers to become aware of their product and services. The initial awareness can make a difference what decisions the consumer will take in making a purchase. TuberAds has made it possible for any business to find their new reach to the market with an easy step process to have a video for both your online presence and a copy of the video to be included in any digital formats such as DVDs. Read more »