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  • A Way To Get More Clicks on AdWords

    A Way To Get More Clicks on AdWords

    A picture is worth a thousand words?  Who ever said that was right on the money!  A very commonly seen method of advertising is on the world’s most used website, Google.  When ever you do a search for something you will also see a list of advertisements on the right hand side of the page.  These are Google AdWords.  Paid advertising by businesses and organisations to promote themselves to the world according to the criteria that they choose as their target audience.  Many businesses that see the real benefits of AdWords advertising are usually seen on the top five listings.  Anything below that or on the next page will see a decline in interest or visibility.

    Though AdWords text advertising is currently very much the norm for many businesses, a reasonably new phenomenon which is rapidly gaining visibility is AdWords Video Ads, also known as Youtube Advertising.  It’s simple.  Just think of the next time you watch a video on YouTube and you see an advertisement at the beginning of the video you intended to watch, and then you clicked ‘Skip Ad’.  That’s an AdWords video Ad campaign.  It is your Adwords campaign with sound, vision and motion!

    Studies have shown according to Adweek and that online video ads are more effective than television advertising.  Online Video Ads findings also indicate a minimum of a 4 Percent variance in the public’s recall rate of online video ads above television advertising.  Considering the cost effectiveness of online advertising compared to television, there has been a shift in advertising dollars towards the online stream, though television advertising remains dominant for the meantime.       

    Comparing the two types of AdWords method of advertising, text advertising, and online video advertising, various studies have indicated the effectiveness of comparing the two.  It has been noted that customers are 27 times more likely to click a Video Ad compared to a standard Adwords Ad.  The best way to test this is try it out for yourself.  Start an Adwords campaign using text advertising in a campaign.  Create a separate campaign in AdWords with the same criteria (target criteria) for online video campaigns from the Google/Adwords page, and then see the difference in click rate.  You will be astounded in the click rate difference.  To get started, check out the range of personalised video advertisements for your business at . Click ‘Order Now’ to show you the range and then click the video you want to order via the order form that will appear.  Once you receive your video you can get started on your AdWords Video Campaign. 

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  • How To Set Up You First Online Video Campaign On YouTube

    How To Set Up You First Online Video Campaign On YouTube
    Google is at the forefront of advertising.  All you need to do is look around on any Google search and see the list of businesses seeking your attention on the side of your search results.  For most companies that already use Google as a part of their marketing strategy, they could testify the necessity of being ever present online and what better place to be seen than on Google.  The World’s number #1 viewed website.  Each AdWords subscriber would express their own level of success on being viewed on Google, however most would suggest that their presence online is a crucial part of their overall strategy.  Not being seen online is eliminating a large market of potential customers who could possibly be aware of your existence.

    The presence in Text Ad format is the common method of being seen on those Google searches, and the ongoing efforts to get to the first page is an ongoing effort.  In 2006 Google’s acquisition of YouTube was the coming tide of advertising with video.  It’s still AdWords, but on the YouTube platform.  You get seen in motion and colour with a method to showcase your business and services.  YouTube is the third most watched website in the world and with the advance in technology, video is becoming even more accessible to people and communities around the world.  YouTube is a portal for learning, teaching, and entertainment and also available to audiences in many languages.

    Taking advantage of a powerful vehicle such as YouTube using the AdWords campaign set up is very easy and in minutes you could get started.

    To start off with, you now need to register a Gmail account.  You can start by going to the Google home page and clicking ‘Gmail’ at the top right hand side of the page.  On the next page you will be prompted to ‘Create An Account.’

    Once you have the Gmail account, you can get started by going in to the Google page and searching for AdWords (There are numerous ways, but for a beginner this is probably easiest).  You can then click the ‘Start Now’ button.  You will be asked some basic qualifying questions before you start.  It will ask you to create an AdWords account

    You can select the two selections below:

    1.  I have an email address and password I already use with Google services like AdSense, Gmail, YouTube, or Google+.    

    2.  I'd like to choose a new login name and password just for AdWords.

    This will create your AdWords account.  Now your ready to start your campaign! 

    Look on the left hand panel and look for 'All Video Campaigns' button and select that.  On the next page, click the RED ‘+ Campaign’ button and fill out the required details on the next page.

    You can do this by yourself, or simply call 1800 988 5711800 988 571 for help creating your first ad.


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  • Advertising Sales - Earn At Your Own Pace

    Home Based Business Opportunities In Online Advertising Sales

    We are looking for 2 Sales people who would like to work from home and can develop their own sales channels.  This role is a commission based position and for people who can operate independently.  You can manage the sales through our portal.  You will earn commission whilst you can charge your customer a premium on top of our price.  Yes, you can set a margin + earn a commission.

    This is a results based role, and is going to benefit someone who has a knack to sell advertising.  To find out more, email with subject 'Advertising Sales Role'

    This is also suitable to SEO and AdWords specialists who can upsell our product to their customers.  Once again there is money to be earnt for adding value to your customers.



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  • The 'Skip Ad' Effect

     Next time you’re on YouTube and about to watch that next hit sensation video and suddenly you see the start of the Ad and decide to ‘Skip Ad’ to get to what you really wanted to watch, then just keep in mind that this has been researched and found that the few seconds that you viewed the ad, it has just done its’ job to deliver impact in your subconscious.  The cognitive effort to purposely skip the pre roll ad ensured you recognised it for the next time you see it.  This pre roll Ads gains the attention of viewers and this sends a positive message to advertisers as only approximately a third of viewers actually skip ads.  Either way the viewer will recognise the Ad!

    The skippable Ads perform an important function in the YouTube ecosystem and allow both advertiser and viewers to be engaged effectively without interfering with the experience of watching the feature video.

    Video advertising is now in rapid rise of the standard form of online advertising.  YouTube and similar sites have found a happy medium to bring consumers and businesses in to a market place where they can engage further.

     It is an exciting time for advertiser and viewer, as it provides a vehicle for engagement which previously did not exists until just a few years ago.  Keep in mind there was the adoption period in which it became more recognised as a workable medium, and YouTube was in the forefront of this vision.

    A rapid rise in technology has seen to the rapid rise in online viewers capable of seeing advertisements on portable devices and computers with relative ease.  This ease also makes the potential sale for the retailer much closer than before.  A generation back we were looking at text ads as the predominant means of advertising.  Look at us now.  Full rich colour HD video and sound make the next step in online advertising.

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