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  • How Business Is Rapidly Embracing Online Video Advertising

    Internet has always been changing and introducing new ways to make things easier and cost-effective. Online video advertising is one of those ways that has become popular in a short span of time and emerged as a new light of hope for the business owners, relying on online marketing. It is catching fire rapidly and many businesses are now turning their heads towards this trend. It is a cost effective method for launching new products in the market and sharing details about the company.

    Whether be it a big organization or small, online video advertising offer its charms to all, thanks to the advance technology. The statistics show that this mode of advertising is almost as equally effective as the television advertisements and some say that it is gaining more ground than television ads by the passing day. Video ads are usually short in length like the ones on television, but have impact that is more influential on the viewer than any television advertisement.

    Since smaller businesses have relatively low revenue and profits, so, this makes it easier for them to promote their business at affordable rates. They have acknowledged the change in trend and now give preference to online video advertising for the promotion and endorsement of their products. What influences this method among them is its most attractive characteristic, which is cost effectiveness. It is an inexpensive method that does not only provide great outcomes and better chances of reaching out to the potential customers.

    “Web 2.0” is an online advertising term which refers to the sharing of information and rating it by the people of common interest and the most common example of it is YouTube. Sharing the videos on websites that get enormous traffic and visitors on daily basis like Daily Motion and YouTube can get thousands of views in a matter of hours. This is the reason why this technique is economical, as these sites do not ask people to pay for the sharing of their product, or video, like the television channels do. Product advertising videos can easily gain popularity on such sites if the video has the element of attraction which can be anything like emotional drama, comedy etc. These sites also provide the option of commenting on videos, which is the best way to know the reviews and feedback of the viewers.

    According to the recent statistics, an average user spends more than 22 hours on internet watching video content and 188 million people in the US watched 52.4 billion online content videos in December 2013. With that much audience, reaching potential customers in those numbers should not be a difficult task. It makes it easier for the advertisers to place ads on Web 2.0 type of sites, as they put on no such restrictions on the number of ads or videos a certain user can upload.

    Wrapping up the discussion, this method, no doubt, is highly economical and influential especially for the small business owners. It is recommended that for a successful and cost-effective promotion of any product, online video advertising is the best option.

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  • Social Media Is More Than A Buzzword In Business

    In a time where there is an explosion of social media outlets, the immense choice needs to be filtered down to something that best fits your business.

    Firstly it is fitting to understand the meaning of Social Media.  It is the interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

    As a business, whether you are a small business or new start up, time is something that is always in the short fall.  A plan is in order to treat your social media journey with vigour and commitment that is consistent and one which the interactions are not missed.

    Whether it is creating brand identity, increase website traffic , sales conversions, and awareness or simply interacting with the audience.

    Regardless of which methods, what are the inputs needed to interact in social media?  These are text, images, and video.  Some platforms cannot cater for the more complex video option however all platforms have their merits.

    Text is the most commonly used communication on all platforms and though a powerful tool for communicating to audiences and potential future audiences, some platforms have increased the impact of the text message with the support of an image for writers and bloggers to drive more traffic with something eye-catching.  Some platforms work in an opposite manner in which the message is the image.  Platforms such as Flickr and Pinterest interact with audiences by presenting images that command a ‘Share’ or a ‘thumbs up’ of approval.

    The most recent communication tool which is more widely shared out is the use of video.  With the popularity of website platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, video messages are rapidly being shared out across a network of users.  Whether it is a cool feature video of a snowboarder skilfully coming down a mountain, or watching a tutorial on how to renovate a house, video sells.  That is with video you attract more viewers.  Some platforms are yet to accommodate video, however this may only be a matter of time before more platforms will cater to this.

    If you not sure where to start, then firstly make a list of some of the most used platforms.  YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ are just some platforms to consider.



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  • A Killer Way To Stand Out Online

    A Killer Way To Stand Out Online

    What excites the senses more than sound and vision?  The dynamic nature of advertising on what was once physical paper form is now fluid in colour and sound, with the use of laptops, tablets and other mobile devices.  The majority of readers exposed to advertising were limited to more conventional means such as billboards, television, radio, and print advertising.  Newspaper advertising sales were in the norm as recently as ten years ago, however technology changed all that. Content is now more immediate and readily available with a touch of a button.  Bringing the product to the consumer is taking a rapid approach through the use of technology.

    The demand on media and technology connecting and engaging viewers is here.  Where certain sites have taken prominence in capturing viewer attention such as YouTube, advertisers have also started using such platforms to steer business in their direction. So video is the key!

    What works for you in advertising?

    Ask yourself what the last few advertisements you had seen which grabbed you.  Were they something in text form or was there sound and vision involved?  What was it about the advertisement even if momentarily which might have grabbed you?  We as human beings generally have short attention spans, and it tends to be due to the bombardment of information we allow ourselves to experience.  It is here where it is important to capture the attention in just a couple of seconds and allow the person to make a decision if they are going to wait to see and hear more about the message that they are viewing.

    Who Does YouTube Think They Are?

    “I just wanted to go on YouTube and watch a funny cat video and an advertisement appeared.”

    A few minute of an Ad before you see the ‘Skip Ad’ and click it has seen positive results in reiteration in consumer minds, where even without viewing the entire video ad, it has served a few seconds which has allowed the viewer to absorb t least part of the message.  Research has shown the positive results to the advertiser, without leaving the viewer frustrated.  YouTube advertising works.

    A sign of plans to keep up with the video ads trend was the recent move of YouTube Exec, Baljeet Singh to Twitter to work on more videos and sell ads on the site.

    Web Video Production

    Any advertiser who is unsure how to get started can Google ‘adwords video campaigns’ and get the ball rolling.  We can supply you the video to try out for $1 for 30 days.  It’s worth a try out.  Use it for your social media too.

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