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  • The Vision Of Tomorrow Is Already Here

    It has only been a relatively recent phenomenon with the birth of Google, and the emergence of smart technologies which have diverted our attentions to moving away from the old way of doing things and moving to the new. Google’s power and intelligence acts as a method to even detect possible terrorist plots and keyword search algorithms that can understand people who use it.

    People use Amazon or Ebay, and next thing these searches are extracted and appear in Facebook pages in the instance you seek to make those purchases whilst off the original pages.

    Targeted advertising has been here for sometime and the ease of which barriers of entry in filling out forms is now in the past. People want things now with low stress. Technology is now studying the consumer than ever before as people volunteer information about themselves in order to have a better experience online. As we have smart technology becoming better day by day. YouTube Ads and other website video productions such as web infomercials are more prominent than ever to push products and services to consumers.

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    Technology is becoming a well known ally to businesses with it being developed to get their products and services closer to the consumer, and giving the consumer the confidence to make a purchase with minimal fuss. A one sign in window with PayPal or other possible payments methods with pre determined credentials. The convenience of a one fits all sign in using something like Facebook, is that you are trading certain parts of information which expand the intelligence on your persona by technology. Though it appears as a Big Brother environment, it is always important to use technology wisely to avoid the possible evils of it. With regard to consumerism, this type of information is more to enhance your online experience rather than oversee your online activities. This approach can be argued, however the opinions in this article suggests the more positive perspective on online information gathering.

    Take fitness device, Fitbit, or even an ipod’s fitness application. The purpose of these devices is to track your fitness and put it to the cloud for further analysis. The aim of the tracking is to give the user a first hand look at how they are improving or enhancing their lives through exercise.

    Next time, have a look at your mobile phone and see what you are holding compared to a model from several years ago. You will notice immense difference and capabilities never previously experienced. Take for example biometric logons such as retina and fingerprint recognition. This information about the user is stored somewhere.

    The future is exciting with new apps and services to come, but most of all it is important to using technology responsibly as you don’t know what profile habits on the internet might rise to the surface.



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  • 3 Smart Ways of Using YouTube to Boost Your Business

    Ever heard of Smosh, PewDiePie or The Fine Brothers? Who can forget Psy and his famous dance, the Gangnam Style!

    Thanks to YouTube, talented artists and budding musicians now have the perfect venue to showcase their skills and get their first big break.

    Apart from it being the most popular video-sharing platform, YouTube has evolved to become an important online marketing tool for advertisers and business owners. With its millions of viewers and subscribers, the advertising potential of YouTube is limitless. It provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to have easy access to millions of users and turn them into potential customers through effective online advertising video production.

    How can you use YouTube to improve your business? Below are three ways.





    Create a YouTube Channel to Build Your Brand Online

    Branding is crucial to a business. To make your business stand out from the sea of competitors, start building your brand by creating a YouTube ads channel. Then upload engaging, informative and creative video content that will introduce your business and the benefits of using your products or services. Also, make sure to add your logo and match your YouTube channel’s appearance to your company colours to make your business easily recognisable across YouTube and other social media platforms.

    Setup Your Account Details to Increase Online Visibility

    When setting up a YouTube account, make sure to include all the important details about your business, such as your name, address and phone number. Providing these relevant information will show your potential clients and customers that your company is legit. It will also improve your search results as Google ranks webpages with clear, concise and complete details higher than others.

    Use Links to Direct People to Your Site

    Make it easier for viewers to find your business by including a link and a call to action in the description field below your YouTube videos. Taking advantage of this function will ensure that your viewers can easily visit your website. Providing a URL link will also prevent your viewers from using the search engine and then end up clicking the website of your competitors.

    These are just three ways on how you can make use of YouTube to spark interest in your products or services, increase your online presence and build your brand.

    Have you tried online video production using YouTube? Share you experience with us in the comment box below.


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  • How does business benefit with video advertising?

    Businesses have many options when it comes to advertising.  Some forms of advertising highly effective and others not so.  When a business decides to put together their marketing and advertising strategy, one thing should be clear, that they cannot escape the need to include digital advertising.  This is not a trend, but more so the now and future of keeping a business in touch with their customers.

    It is important to see what part of the worked you are in and what your target customer is.  If you are a small business in an area where internet usage is low and you are not seeking business from outside that type of community, then a digital strategy would most likely not be required at this time.

    A digital strategy can include any form of online promotions, such as display advertising such as banners, overlays, video, and advertorials.  An internet user can see this everywhere they click.  For example in YouTube just before or even during a featured video that they had selected, or on pop ups and banner advertising such as on news sites and further more on selected AdSense sites which Google has incorporated to advertise your business for a fee.

    There has been a rapid rise in businesses adopting the video ads to promote their business online.  The video ad gives a business a professional feel online regardless what your business is.  An online video production will enhance your online cred, and has been proven, will attract more viewers to you during their search.  Video also gives a business a higher ranking in the rankings.

    Looking at the top 3 most popular ranked websites, Google, YouTube and Facebook, web video production is accommodated.  In other words a video advertisement means a great way to attract more viewers.  Ultimately, the goal is to attract people to be your customers.

    Video advertising will become a business’ great ally in promoting businesses.


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  • 4 Ways to Optimise Your Online Video Marketing Campaign

    Are you using advertising video production to connect with your customers and prospects online?
    Whatever the size of your business, using videos is a great way to create and share content that is interesting and engaging,
    not to mention reach millions of netizens.  It can help you expand your market coverage and build long-term relationship with your loyal consumers.

    But how can you make the most out of your online video marketing campaign? Below are some tips.

    Generate Traffic with SEO

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can expand your market coverage by boosting traffic to your website. It also improves your chances of appearing on top of the Google search engine. To make the most of your online video production, use these basic SEO tips.
    -        Keep your title social media­– and SEO–friendly.
    -        Insert keywords in the title, description and tags.
    -        Include a call to action on the description. You can link it to your site to increase referral traffic. 

    Create a YouTube Channel

    YouTube is a powerful platform to grow your audience and attract potential customers. Your business can reach its full potential if you learn how to optimise your video correctly with YouTube. One way to do this is to create a channel with sparkling content and engaging videos that encourage your viewers to buy your products or use your services. You can also collaborate with other YouTubers and help each other expand your target market.  It really helps to partner with people who share the same interest or whose products and services are in line with your business. 

    Use Social Networking Sites

    To drive traffic to your website, post a link of your video on popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter, and make sure to convey your message in an interesting way. Include a social media description that tells your followers and fans what’s in it for them.

    Interact with the Viewers

    After posting your videos on your social media pages and YouTube channel, sustain the momentum by keeping your viewers engaged. One way to do this is to interact with your audience. Monitoring comments or feedback on your YouTube and social networking accounts will help you connect with your customers. Talking about your brand, team, industry and products or services will help you gain their trust, thereby building customer loyalty. Also, if your viewers ask questions about the topic you discussed in your video, make sure to answer them. This allows you to continue the conversation with your viewers, building long-term relationships.

    Bottom Line

    Web video production can help you connect and foster a long-term relationship with your audience. By going the extra mile and optimising your videos using our tips, you can grow your list of customers; thus, improve your business.  


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  • How Video Has Changed The Way You Click

    How many of you hear a name of a celebrity or a new technology and you want to know more about it.  What do you do?  You open a browser whether it be on a desktop, tablet or on your Smartphone and you do a search.

    When the search results displays, what catches your eye first?  It is often the search result with a video.  You may have many similar options to sift through, and it may not even be the search results you wanted.  The point here is that it still caught your eye, and statistically proven that it is highly probable that you may select it to just satisfy your curiosity.

    Video is the new head turner.  You either have it or you don’t.  It could be a ‘how to’ video or a video advertisement or simply a publicity video or seminar.  This is the rapidly adopted tactic businesses are using to get their name recognised.  An awareness campaign of sorts.  The more viewers you have seeing you online the more your business is driving traffic to it.

    A consumer in any domain whether it is through traditional media such as newspapers, magazines or television would scan through a lot of text but still get distracted by a photo or image.  Take for example the comics pages in a newspaper, where images communicate the message.  It is much more effective and absorbed by viewers.

    The internet is the perfect forum to get the word out about who you are with the multitude of social media hubs such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, just to name a few.  Peoples’ need to express their opinions has provisioned this rapid growth.

    How many of you have logged on to Facebook or Twitter and shared an opinion or ‘Liked’ something with the iconic thumbs up?  We are all likely to have done this.  Social Media allows you to endorse your views and this is what makes something more prevalent than others.  It is the attraction to something based on their few minutes on social media as someone scrolls down and sees something that catches their eye and gives them the opportunity to see you, even if it is for a few seconds.  That’s enough to trigger embedding a brand in their memory.  The purpose is to acknowledge that brand, idea or story.

    Have a look at something that you looked at on Facebook, such as an animal story, an Amazing advertisement, a prank, or an inspiring story, there was something that drew you to click to watch it.  If anything, it embedded an image in your brain.  Next time you ever come across it, it is likely that recollection is there.

    It is this that has seen a higher focus on how businesses use the internet to portray and mould their image online.

    So next time you click a video to find out how to follow a recipe or watch something humorous, just remember you clicked it, so you’ll remember it!

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